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We’re Moving!!

That’s right, folks! We are moving! After 7 months of house hunting, we are in the process of buying our very first house! I’ve been very eager to tell all of you for several weeks but I wanted to wait until after the inspection and make sure that all things were definitely a GO! And things are definitely a go! Our tiny apartment is filling with boxes and we move into our very first home in a little over 2 weeks. I can’t wait!!

We're Moving!!

I wanted to share a few phone pictures I snapped during the inspection {hence the ladders in the driveway} to give you a little sneak peek of all the DIY goodness to come. First up? The front of the house, of course! Our soon-to-be home is a beautiful 3-bed, 2-bath ranch with tons of potential {and an unfinished basement!}. As you can see in the above picture… our work is cut out for us in the yard! There is not a blade of grass anywhere in the yard. That will be remedied. Trees will be trimmed, bushes removed, and flowers planted. And the front yard looks good compared to the back yard! I’m just itching to get to work on it!

We're Moving!!

When you enter the house you enter into the great room. {Oh man! Can I tell you how much I wanted a house with a great room!?!} The living room flows into the open kitchen which flows right into the eat-in dining room! I LOVE IT! Notice that the cabinet doors in the kitchen do not match the cabinets. I have paint swatches picked out and I can’t wait to get to work on these rooms!

We're Moving!!

And off to the right of the kitchen is the hallway leading to the bedrooms and bathrooms. The owner slapped up some bead board in the hallway to give it a fancy-schmancy look but didn’t install it correctly. More on that once we move in and I can get my hands on it. Also note that the beadboard does not match the trim, which is a different color than the door casings. Lots of painting to come!

Seriously though, there is going to be some insane DIY-ness coming your way soon. I can’t wait to transform this little gem into a place that feels like home!  I already have a crazy long list of all the changes I want to make! And even better? My mom is flying out 2 days after we move and will be helping us settle in. I can’t WAIT!!

In the mean time, I’m going to be MIA from the blog for a little while so I can spend some intensive time packing and prepping for the move. Two and a half weeks is not a lot of time to get all this stuff done! And then I’ll be a little MIA while we unpack! Don’t you worry. I hope to pop in at least once a week to give you a little update or even some packing and cleaning tips. And I promise I’ll give you better pictures of the place once we actually move in and all of the previous owners’ things are removed.

Wish us luck! Any moving/packing tips!? I’ll take all I can get!


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27 thoughts on “We’re Moving!!

  1. Talitha! How exciting for you! I am sooooo jealous! We have things in motion to buy our first house in January, but it’s going to be hard to wait nine long months. 🙂 I’m so happy for you, and I can’t wait to see all your house projects!
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  2. Moving tips: 1)leave the clothes in your dresser drawers in trashbags (so no one sees your unmentionables!) 2) Have a box marked first night necessities! Include a set of sheets, blankets, pillows, a set of towels, Toilet paper, alarm clock, flashlight and your pjs. Make sure it does not get buried in the pile of boxes at new house. 3) Make job cards ahead of time on neon 3X5 notecards. Then when people come to help you can hand them a card with instructions on it. Prioritize them by importance. ie.unpack dishes, unpack hall bathroom boxes 1&2, 4)I color coded boxes by importance with a chunk of duct tape. Then volunteers knew what I wanted unpacked first and what I wouldn’t need till months later.
    Hope this helps! It sounds like a lot of work but it pays off in the end. My last move went amazingly well and we got several comments on how easy a move it was (and we had a 2 month old and 2 toddlers at the time and it snowed the night before!). My mom and Mother-in-law had unpacked the kitchen necessities, made the beds and had dinner going by time I even got to the new house. Can’t wait to see that mantel all decorated for spring!

    • Those tips are amazing!! I love anything organizational, and these are perfect for when we move in about a year. Thanks!

  3. Congratulations!!! This is super exciting! Whenever we’ve moved I make sure the label the hell out of everything…every box is easily identifiable by room, and then a smaller list of items contained. This helps incredibly when unpacking. I also make sure to bring over the immediate items needed (a box of bathroom necessities, kitchen necessities, etc.)…and clothing. That way a few days without opening boxes won’t kill you. GREAT luck your way!!
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  4. Hurray!!! My only advice is don’t let my husband help you pack. 🙂 I think he goes in circles around the house, visiting every room, and picking an item from each room to then fill the box to the brim. OH and don’t let my husband help you unpack the kitchen either. He can however, repair anything you need fixing, so I can lend him to you for that. 🙂

  5. Pack bedding, towels, shower curtain, and needed toiletries in a drawer or other easily found space. Then make your bed and set up the bathroom for showers as soon as you can. When you decide you are done for the day, everything is ready for you. Love Aunt Beverly

  6. Congrats! 🙂

    My advice – your bed should be last on the truck and first off – along with bedding.. If a woman or teen friend is helping ask them to MAKE THE BED. You will be so glad that night.


  7. Congratulations!
    I may be a little late with my packing tips but I have two!
    1.Go ahead and throw out/donate things you don’t want or need NOW. You’re already going through all of your stuff anyway, there isn’t a better time to do this!
    2. I always recommend using Rubbermaid tubs over cardboard boxes. It may be a little pricey to do that at first but it’s SO worth it.
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  8. I can’t wait for the pictures! I love it when anyone buys a new house (I personally don’t plan on ever moving I HATE IT) and your going to be in heaven with all the DYI’s & pictures, take plenty so we can watch the transformations!