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Thrifted Firewood Rack

Sometimes inspiration for a craft comes to you from out of the blue. And sometimes you trip over it… literally. Well, at least I did for this project! I was walking through my local thrift store several months ago and, literally, tripped over this old, outdated, and beaten up magazine rack. I did one of those super cool half-jump-trips that results in a casual glance around to see if anyone noticed. Yeah… I’m cool like that. 😉 I looked at that mean magazine rack that jumped out at me {I swear that’s how it happened!} and immediately had a fantastic idea of how to turn this old magazine rack into a Thrifted Firewood Rack!

This is what my little beauty looked like when I found her attacking people sitting all alone at a thrift store. I snatched her up before I could think twice about all her bumps and bruises.  Her price tag? Only 99 cents. Score! It was obvious that people had a hard time looking past her rough and outdated looks to come up with something awesome to turn her into. But she had great features and really fun lines! So she came home with me. The hubby looked at me like I was crazy when he saw it but I told him to trust my creative vision.

After sitting in my closet for 5 months, I pulled out my little lady, excited to transform her! After some sanding, priming, painting, taping, painting some more, sanding some more, and poly-ing here is her final look! It really wasn’t much work at all even though that list makes it sound like it was.

She was still looking ho-hum until I added the white stripes. Taking a sanding block to her to give her my beloved “well loved” look also brought it one step farther! I love the little touches of gray popping through some of the white where I sanded it. But the stripes really make my heart go pitter patter!

I popped in a few of our “clean burn” logs and set her at home next to the fireplace! {Side note: I’ve been informed that I’m too accident prone to try to set a real log fire. I don’t quite know how to do it properly and I’m terrified of setting the apartment building on fire!} I promise she doesn’t actually sit that close to the fireplace, she was just posing for glamour shots. 😉

I’m absolutely in love with my thrifted firewood rack! I love, love, love it! It was such a fantastic find and I love that it could be re-purposed and could use it to hold magazines, or blankets, or children’s book, or anything! Now you know not to walk past those ugly magazine racks you find at the thrift store!

What is something that you have re-purposed?? What would you re-purpose a magazine rack into??