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Getting Personal {Part 6} – The Big News… AT LAST!!!

I left you guys hanging with my last post when I shared the tragic news that we had 2 more miscarriages, bringing the grand total up to 4.

Needless to say, it’s been a hard few years. Losing 4 babies is not something anyone should go through. Really, no one should ever even lose one. After losing our fourth baby in July, we were raw. Raw and broken. After every miscarriage we’ve had, we have had the need to take a break from actively trying to conceive. We needed time to heal, process, grieve. The same was true for baby #4. August came and went in a sort of haze.

So when September arrived, it hit us in the face with real life and a bunch of surprises. On September 3, David was laid off. Did NOT see that one coming. The investors decided to pull the plug on his project and let go of 40 people. (Praise the Lord, he was able to find another job in less than 2 months.)

Two days later, early morning of September 5, I decided to take yet another pregnancy test… because, you know, it’s what I do. I’m a pro at peeing on a stick. I could Olympic medal in stick peeing. Ick… that would be a gross competition to watch. But also because it had been roughly 5 weeks since our miscarriage and I hadn’t gotten my period yet. Not that that was unusual for my messed up body. Also because, we were set to leave on vacation 4 days later and I wanted to know for sure if I could safely drink on said vacation. 😉

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