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Little Decor Changes

With spring approaching I’m really feeling the desire to clean and craft like crazy! I’ve got about 15 projects going all at once but I have yet to finish any of them! So… I decided to share a little bit of the progress I have made. I’ve been tackling a few little decor changes I’ve been wanting to get done. You know, those little things that you always say you want to do but rarely find time to do?? I’m not the only one with that problem, am I?

Little Decor Changes

First up was some of the little throw pillows on our couch. The no-sew throw pillow covers I first made held up really well but I was a novice when made them {not that I’m all professional now! HA! Anything but…}. Why didn’t I think that I may want to remove the covers at some point to clean them?! These pillows get a lot of love and use and needed to be changed out! So I whipped up a new cover and attached an adorable little red felt heart onto it! A quick little envelope closure and I was set to go!

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DIY Mercury Glass Lamps {Part One}

You!! Light up my life! You give me hope! To carry oooonnnn!!

DIY Mercury Glass Lamps

Yeah, that’s what I started singing as soon as I started writing this post. Now that song is stuck in my head. Thanks Debby Boone. {Don’t worry. I don’t really know random trivia like that. I had to look it up. But I do know one line of about 15 million songs and sing them at the appropriate moments!}

The hubby and I live in a little apartment with almost zero natural light. There are a total of 2 windows and a glass door. All on the same side of the building. Awesome. Not. In fact, when trying to take pictures for you lovely people, I have to do it with certain times of day in mind and open all the windows {2} and even the front door. Sad. I know.

Because of our lack of light, we have quite a few lamps. I hate our lamps on our bedside tables. they are skinny and left over from my college apartment. They were a cheap Ikea solution to no lighting and no money. I don’t like them. So I decided to make new ones!

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