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Getting Personal {Part One} – I always knew it was coming…

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time but I was always afraid to do just that. I didn’t know what feelings I would be unearthing (btw, its lots of tears) or how all of you would react. But a big part of my change of heart was wanting to share more of myself and wanting to be less afraid of what I share. So here I go. Be gentle with my heart, friends.


My desire to write this post started out with me wanting to share with all of you my journey to become gluten free. But as I began thinking about my decision to become gluten free, I realized that my story wasn’t simply about food. It was more about my journey of infertility. And as terrifying as it is to write this post, I know I am not alone. Though often, I feel very, very alone. Infertility is not something that people talk about. I guarantee that at least one couple you know is struggling with infertility. But you might not know it. The culture of shame and pain behind infertility is what keeps most of us quiet. But we have no reason to be ashamed. One of the things that has helped me the most is wonderful, dear friends who have opened up to me to let me know that they have or are going through the beast of infertility right beside me. In case you don’t have those friends, I’ll be that friend for you. That is what made me truly decide to write this post. For all of us who feel alone. And more importantly, that is why I will hit that terrifying “publish” button.

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