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The Great Light Switch Switch

How-to Replace Old Light Switches

I wouldn’t call myself a DIY novice. I’ve been doing big DIY projects for years. But there are still some big aspects of DIY-ing that freak me out. One thing? Plumbing. Water can do a lot of damage, peeps. I don’t want leaks! But even more intimidating to me is anything electrical. And I’m not alone out there! Many of my friends have told me that they are afraid of electrical too. But, I am waaaay too cheap to hire someone to switch out light switches. So I have decided to put forth an effort to learn some basic stuff about electrical work in hopes of encouraging all of you that you can do it too. Because, let’s be honest, if I can do it… so can you! Today’s electrical 101 lesson? How-to replace old light switches!

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