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How To: Install Hardwood Floors

I have something to confess… I have been doing a really poor job at managing my time as far as the blog goes. I have no doubt that I’ve lost some readers because of it. But I’m not in this for numbers. I’m all about the benjamins, people……. Just kidding. Any blogger will tell you NOT to get into blogging if you want to make loads of moolah. I write for myself. And for all you wonderful friends who have stuck around and wait for word of my crazy antics. You guys rock. I have another confession… I’m really sick and tired of apologizing for not posting. So I’m going to do it once and for all now. And this apology is going to cover all past lack of posting and any future lack of posting. So you better enjoy it…………………..


Ok. Now that that is done, let’s get on to the meat and potatoes of this post… the hardwood floors!! Are you guys sick of them yet? I swear I’m almost done sharing about them. They’ve been installed for about 3 months now. HA! I think it’s time I wrap these suckers up.

How To: Install Hardwood Floors

Installing hardwoods is a really intimidating prospect if you have never done it before. But it really isn’t hard at all! Time consuming? Yes. Hard? No. Like I told you in a previous post, we decided to do a floating installation. And in my last post, I showed you how we prepped for the floors and left you with a picture of our very own in-home highway. So now we are up to the biggie… installation.

How To: Install Hardwood Floors

Installation began pretty early one morning. All in all, we laid roughly 800 square feet of hardwood in 6 spaces of our home (master bedroom, hallway, kitchen, living room, dining room, laundry closet). And we did it all in about 8 days. And that was going at a somewhat leisurely pace. I’m absolutely sure the professionals could have it done in 2-3 days… tops. But being novice floor layers, it took us a bit longer.

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Project New Hardwood Floors – Prep

You know when you’ve been sitting on a plane for a really long flight and then you land and all you want to do is walk around? That has been me for the past 2 weeks. But instead of being on a really long flight, I was sick in bed for almost a full 4 weeks. It was awful. So all I’ve been wanting to do the past 2 weeks is MOVE! And DO! And DIY! And all the time. You’ve seen sneak peeks of that on Instagram.

New Hardwood Floors - Prep

So this week all my moving, doing, and diy-ing have caught up with me. So now I’m sitting a little more amidst the doing. Hence getting one post up today. I had a goal of getting 2 posts done this week but then it was Thursday so it didn’t happen. Oops. But at least I’m getting one post up, right!? Today I’m continuing with sharing about our brand new hardwood floors! So far I’ve shared hardwood floors 101 and all about the demo. Today I’m going to show you all the prep work that was required before we could lay our new floors.

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