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Project New Hardwood Floors – Demo

Guys. GUYS! The one thing I have been looking forward to doing the MOST on our house has begun! That’s right… THE FLOORS ARE GETTING REPLACED! Sorry. I know that was a lot of caps. But it seemed appropriate given how I was basically yelling (in excitement) at all of you. Sorry ’bout that. But I’ve wanted to replace the floors in this house since the day we first stepped foot in it. And now it is happening! It is very exciting!!!!

The floors are almost done now but I’ve been slow at posting. I guess working from 8am-8pm every day will do that to you. My bad. But I also don’t feel TOO bad because everything has happened within the past 3 weeks. It has been utter insanity.  We decided to do the floor demo, install, and finishing touches all ourselves. You know, to save money and to be able to say that we did. While I’ve been working my tail off I have been thinking of you guys though! I have been chronicling our whole process so I can it share with all of you. And to encourage those of you who think laying hardwoods is too difficult. I promise it isn’t! It isn’t that hard at all… just a little time consuming. Especially if you are laying almost 800 square feet.

Project New Floors - Demo

So let’s get this party started! The first step to laying new hardwoods is ordering hardwoods. Obviously. There are tons of options out there but we went with And can I say… they are freaking awesome. They don’t know me and I’m not getting paid to say this, but their prices and quality are second to none. And if you order a FREE sample, it will be on your doorstep in less than 24 hours. I’m hoping to do a post all about picking out hardwoods so I’ll give you more info on that at a later date.

Back to the topic of this post. DEMO. We had our floors ordered so we needed to demo our old floors so we could install the gorgeous new ones. Step one in the demo process is to decide if you want to remove baseboards or not. Your options are basically #1: remove baseboards and re-install them on top of the new floors or #2: leave your current baseboards attached to the wall and lay the floors right up to your baseboards. With option 2 you just use quarter-round trim to cover the necessary expansion gap. We chose option #1. Partly because we had to remove some of the baseboards anyways to rip up old floors and subflooring (more on that in a sec) and partly because we wanted to replace all the baseboards due to the previous owners’ what-I-can-only-assume-was-a-live-in pack of wolves.

Removal of said baseboards was pretty easy peasy. Cut the caulk with a utility knife. Wedge a flat tip screwdriver between the wall and the baseboards. Hammer the screwdriver with a few taps to pull the baseboards away from the wall. Move screwdriver down the baseboard until the entire piece comes off in one piece! TA-DA!

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Dining Room Makeover Reveal + Giveaway

Dining Room Makeover

Guys! The dining room is done! The hubs and I worked our tails off, but we did it! When we last left off, I had shown you the awesome Color Visualizer tool from Sherwin-Williams that helped me pick out my paint colors. And I had also shared before shots of my not-so-awesome blue dining room. Let’s just say thank God it doesn’t look so crazy blue anymore. Just check out our new dining room makeover! Shebam! Kapow! Bezam! Some other cartoon sound word here! Yeah… the after is cartoon-sound-effect-good. Now let’s move on to some of the details…

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Bentwood Rocking Chair Makeover

Bentwood Rocking Chair Makeover

I’ve done it! I’ve finally done it! It has been 2.5 months in the making but I finally did it! My vintage bentwood rocking chair has gotten a makeover. It took me forever but I finally got around to it. Is it just me or is your to-do list getting longer by the minute!? Make it stop! Let me do a little catch up! Continue reading


How-to Beef Up Your Baseboards for Cheap

How-To Beef Up Your Baseboards for Cheap

So this project was not one I planned on doing for quite some time. Was I excited for it? Yes. Was I eager to paint the creamy beige-y baseboards? Definitely. Was I dying to part with my mini baseboards? A little. But we have family coming out to visit at the end of the month so the hubby and I have been living in project mode and focusing on projects that fall onto our “what we want to get done before they come” list. Baseboards was not on my list. But it was on the hubby’s. Plus, he was excited for it! That rarely happens! So beefing up our baseboards quickly became a must and it was knocked out in just one day!

How-To Beef Up Your Baseboards for Cheap

If you are looking for the drama of taller baseboards but you don’t want to spend your time and money ripping out the old ones and replacing them with chunkier ones, then this is definitely a project you want to do! The total cost for beefing up the baseboards in our entire great room and dining room was $60. SIXTY DOLLARS! And that included tools we needed to buy. That is a tiny fraction of what it would cost to replace our baseboards!

Anywho, to the tutorial! Above you can see where we started. Our baseboards were about 2.5-inches tall and a yellowy cream. Others of you may have shorter baseboards like mine and they can be great! But when you have vaulted ceilings, they look itty-bitty. Not my cuppa tea. When we painted the great room I didn’t bother to paint the last 2-inches, knowing that we were going to have to paint them and cover them with the update.

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How-To Make a Flip Down Media Drawer

How-to Make a Flip Down Media Drawer

You all waited so patiently! I was a big tease and showed you my fancy new Dresser Turned Media Stand and then I promised I would show you how I made my fancy flip down drawer. And now I’m back to deliver on the promise! I really hope this all makes sense because I just made it up as I went along. So because of that I took 15 million pictures, hoping it would help make it all clear. So let’s get started! Here is How-To Make a Flip Down Media Drawer!

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