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Patriotic Pinwheel Wreath + Ultimate Red, White, & Blue Roundup

Ultimate Red, White, & Blue Roundup

Okay guys. I am crazy excited about today’s post! I have teamed up with 110 other amazing bloggers to create the ULTIMATE Red, White and Blue Roundup! Yeah. You read that right. 110 new red, white and blue ideas. How awesome is that!? We have all created our very own patriotic idea to share with everyone today! Wanna see mine??

Patriotic Pinwheel Wreath + Ultimate Red, White, & Blue Roundup

Our newly painted front door got a little partner in crime prettiness! You know I have a serious weakness for wreaths (as evidenced here, here, here, here, here, and here.) Just the other day I realized that I haven’t created one in more than a year!! What!? What’s wrong with me? Have I been sick? Did my hands fall off? Nope. Not since the last time I checked. I just bought a house and have been putting my efforts into making our house a home. Silly me. Where are my priorities?? 😉 But I’ve been missing my wreath-making so I spent about an  hour creating this little beauty. Check out my adorable Patriotic Pinwheel Wreath!

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12 Great 4th of July Ideas

12 Great 4th of July Decor Ideas

Happy almost 4th of July, everyone! I hope you had an awesome weekend and are gearing up for the 4th this week! The fourth is one of my favorite holidays, only second to Christmas! I associate it with warm weather, swimming, family, BBQ, homemade ice cream, and amazing fireworks! I can’t wait! {Picture me jumping up and down at the thought of ice cream!!} In honor of this 4th, I decided to share some of my favorite 4th of July Decor Ideas from some of my favorite bloggers! Check out all these awesome ideas!
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Patriotic Ruffled Wreath

The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. It means time for grilling, corn on the cob, homemade ice cream, swimming, and lots {and LOTS} of family. And fireworks!? Come on! Life can’t get much better!

This year, the hubby and I celebrate in a new place. I can’t wait to see fireworks over the mountains! And even better, the in-laws are coming out for a visit over the 4th.

I absolutely love decorating for any and all holidays, but since getting married and downsizing for a move across the country, I have almost zero 4th of July decorations! FOR SHAME! So I decided to make some!

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