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Tackling the Beast

Also known as: How to hang a picture the easy way

how to hang a picture the easy way

When the hubby and I moved out to Denver and I first began decorating all I kept thinking was, “vaulted ceilings are great, but there are so many big blank walls!” And of course, living in an apartment, they are all the same shade of boring off-white/beige. The vaulted ceilings make the apartment feel bigger, but the big empty walls make my furniture look itty-bitty!

The beast is what I have affectionately named our massive 11’x11’ off-white wall. 11’x11′ may not seem that big but it is one of the first things you see when you enter our apartment. And its big off-white blankness was not helped by the fact that it is the only wall we can put our off-white couch on.

I had made this painting not long ago. {Find the tutorial here} It was nice. I liked it. But on that big wall, it only seemed to emphasize the blankness. Sure, now I have a focal point but you look only to be BLINDED by all the off-white-y-ness {why, yes, that is a word}.

When we first moved in, I had put up a bunch of family photos and wedding pictures right at the front door. But they weren’t working there. I felt like I was trying to prove to people that we actually lived here. But, at the time, I had no concept of what else to do. So I left it. For 8 months.

After I did a few more projects and art pieces for our walls, I realized how poorly I used those pictures. They could be used so much more beneficially!

So I thought It would be great to move our family pictures over to the beast to add some more dimension, interest, and to break up the wall some more. Fill that naked space! I’m usually really bad at hanging pictures. By really bad I mean that I end up making 3 holes to hang one picture because the first 2 were bad placement. So I decided to figure out a new way to hang pictures.

What you will need is:

  • Paper. Any kind will work. I used computer paper.
  • Pencil
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • A level
  • Frames
  • Nails
  • Hammer

Place your frame on top of your paper and trace the outside. Then cut out the shape. You should now have a piece of paper the same size of your frame.

If you have a frame larger than the size of your piece of paper, just cut and tape pieces of paper together until you have one the right size. {For some of my larger frames I had to used 5 pieces of paper}.

Place the paper on the back side of your frame where the frame hanger is. Draw a dot on the paper where your frame hanger is and your nail should go. Repeat for all frames.

Now tape all your pictures up to your wall. Arrange and rearrange until you have a layout you like!

Take a level and align it with the top of your paper to make sure it is level. {This is especially important when hanging a frame that requires 2 nails}. Then nail through the dot you made on the paper indicating where the picture hanger was.

Just pull off the paper and hang up your picture! It should be perfect! {Of course, I had to use a level afterwards to make sure I hung it straight. But I’m all OCD like that.}

Ta-da!! And with no extra holes!

I think it looks good. Its a definite improvement. But still a work in progress. I would like to paint some of the frames so they don’t look like they are such a stark contrast to the painting and the rest of the wall.

I would also like to add some cute pieces of memorabilia like skeleton keys, our family initial, etc. What do you guys think? What else could be added to “the beast”?