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Tablet Book Cover

For the hubby’s birthday this year, he got a tablet. He had been wanting one for quite some time and I splurged and got one for him. I also wanted to get him a tablet cover so it could travel safely with him wherever he goes. But have you seen how much those things cost!? $20, $30, even up to $40! No thank you! So, being the crafty wife that I am, I made him a fancy-schmancy one for the whopping cost of $4.

It was relatively simple to make. Just a little time consuming. A lot of that time was me figuring out how to actually go about making it. But, I did all the hard work for you guys {you’re welcome}!


  •  Hardcover book that will fit your tablet/e-reader/ipad
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissor/knife
  • Elastic – 4 strips that are 2.5-inches long
  • Cardstock

Here is a little pictorial I whipped up to show you how to make one of these.

Just a few notes:

Step 1: I made sure that book was the right thickness to house the hubby’s tablet. If the book is too thin or too thick then it will have gaps between the tablet and cover when you close it.

Step 4: Once the front pages were cut from the binding, the rest of the pages just pulled right out. No cutting necessary.

Step 5: The cardstock needs to be cut down to the height and width of the book. And it should be wide enough to cover the entire width when opened. If your book is too big, you can just use 2 pieces of cardstock cut to size.

Step 6: Only draw the lines on the side that you want your tablet to sit. And you may have to adjust the distance depending on the size of your tablet/e-reader/ipad.

Step 8: My elastic was only 2.5 inches long and that worked great for my tablet, but you may have to adjust depending on the size of yours. Also, I had to pull it a little tight so it would snugly hold the tablet in place without fear of it slipping out.

Step 10: I made sure to put hot glue directly onto the back of my elastic so it would stay firmly in place.

The beauty of this tutorial? It works great for any tablet, ipad, or e-reader. You just have to fine the right book to house it! I think this turned out spectacularly. Plus, it looks way better than most covers I saw online! And that tablet isn’t going anywhere! It doesn’t slip or slide or anything!

And maybe I’m just paranoid, but I love the thought that if someone were to ever break into our home {heaven forbid} then they might not realize that this book is more than just that!

So there you have it. A fancy-schmany book cover made for a whopping cost of $4!