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Sponsor Love {December 2012}

Its that time of the month when I need to give a big shout out to all the wonderful people who have helped support LPH! I love each and every one of my sponsors! I hope you will all take a minute to stop by and check out these wonderful sites!


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Kelly owns an Etsy store where she designs and creates amazing jewelry. She works with her mom as she creates beautiful statement pieces as well as the more classic simple pieces. Kelly also writes a super fun blog called The Pretty Bee where she shares her love of cooking, crafting and photography. If you are looking for some gorgeous jewelry, stop by Kelly’s shop!


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Kylie runs an Etsy shop where she sells her homemade crocheted creations! She sells awesome thing from infant and toddler animal hats to mug cozies! She has some great crochet skills! If you are in the market for some crocheted creations… stop by Kylie’s shop!

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Pick Your Plum is a daily deal site that sells crafting supplies, baking supplies, home decor items, clothing, accessories, and tons of other amazing finds at an amazingly discounted price! And it is a FOR REAL discounted price! Every weekday they offer a new deal for the day on an item and it goes until the item is sold out. You can see what that item is each day in the banner on my sidebar! If you want that item, click my banner and get the deal!

Thanks again to all my wonderful sponsors! If you are interested in purchasing ad space on LPH, stop by my Advertise page! I have ad space available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes! You could also sponsor a giveaway!

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