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Sparkling Valentines Wreath

Valentine’s Day is 1 month from today! Can you believe it!? I love any good holiday that gives me extra reasons to love on my fella. You may already realize that I have a slight obsession with wreaths {seen here, here, here, and here… wow that’s a lot}! So, of course, I decide to make another one for Valentine’s day! And you know I loves all things sparkly! I’m seriously loving my Sparkling Valentines Wreath!

All I did was wrap an 18-inch foam wreath form with some white yarn and cut out some hearts from pink and red glitter paper! I will warn you that wrapping a wreath with yarn is pretty easy but very time consuming! Turn on a movie or some episodes of your favorite TV show because that puppy is going to consume some time.

I decided to make an argyle type pattern with my glitter hearts and more of the white yarn. And, of course, since I love bunting so much too, I decided to make a glitter heart bunting on some yarn, too. What can I say, I just love my glitter hearts!!

This is how our wreath actually looks on our apartment door but I really don’t like how my brown door looks in pictures so I’m only really showing you out of niceness. 😉 And now that you have our home number, please don’t stalk me or break in or anything creepy like that!

But seriously, I love love love my new sparkling Valentines wreath! It is so cheery and fun and sparkly! Walking up to my door just makes me smile!

Now tell me, have you ever made a Valentines wreath? Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day at all??