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Rustic Fall Centerpiece

I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but Halloween is HUGE in the blog world! Everyone has been decorating for All Hallows Eve for probably close to 3 weeks. But you haven’t really seen much over here on LPH about Halloween. Let me explain why: my family was not big into Halloween.

We went trick-or-treating, passed out candy, and decorated for Halloween when I was little. But even then we didn’t go all out. As Christians, we weren’t into the scary aspect of Halloween and focused more on the “fall harvest” aspect. Then, when I was 12, we moved to a pretty secluded house and we never ever got trick-or-treaters. Boo. So the Halloween decorations went into storage and didn’t come out again.

And since we skipped right over Halloween decorations, we dove head first into FALL! That is why I love decorating for fall! You’ve already seen my fall wreath and my fall mantel, now I get to show you my fall table centerpiece!

This year I wanted to stick with a more neutral and natural color scheme for my fall decor. But I surprised myself when I decided to add an unexpected pop of color to my fall centerpiece with some green granny smith apples!

I whipped up a super simple wooden planter box {stained it with my homemade stain} to hold my apples.

And I found some leftover burlap scraps in my fabric stash. It was the perfect color and size for a simple table runner! Plus it added an extra awesome dimension of texture.

And after shopping my storage closet I found some lovely white candles, white pumpkins, and cinnamon scented pine cones. And voila! A super simple and rustic fall centerpiece! I love the unexpected pop of color! It is definitely not the traditional fall colors, but I love it!

So there you have it: some of my fall decor! Though my Halloween decorations are non-existent right now, that isn’t to say that I won’t embrace it in the future when we have kiddos! I can’t wait to dress them up in awesome costumes and go trick-or-treating!

Did your family get into Halloween in a big way? Or did you guys skim right over it and go for the fall decorations? What are your favorite Halloween traditions?