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Reclaimed Window Frame

Happy Labor Day! I hope you are all having a great day and enjoying the last tidbits of summer! I had a great week! My mom and sister flew out to Denver last minute and spent a few days with me! So we have spent the weekend recuperating!

Reclaimed Window Frame

Some projects I get done incredibly fast and some take me 10 million years. My tufted ottoman from a coffee table only took me only 1.5 days to finish. This old, reclaimed window frame?? Its in the 10 million years range. I was so excited to start this project. So much so that I started it before I remembered to take before pictures. Oops. Then I got so wrapped up in other projects that came up along the way that this gorgeous old window sat in my living room unfinished for about 2 months.

Well, I finally got back to work on it and I’m in love! I got it to a great half-way point. I still want to do a little bit more to it but I thought I would share my progress with you!

Reclaimed Window Frame

This is as close to a before shot as I can get. Imagine this window as white without the gray paint and the tape. That’s what it started as. Just an old window I found at Habitat for Humanity ReStore for super cheap.

It was old and distressed to start with, but it was so distressed that handling the window left you with peeling white paint flakes all over your hands and even a few splinters. So I decided to “distress” my distressed window after making it safe to handle.

So I sanded down the frame to get rid of all of the flaking paint and make it smooth to the touch. Since I wanted a multi-tone distressed look, I added one coat of gray paint after taping off the windows.

Reclaimed Window Frame

Once the gray paint was dry, I added 2 coats of a gorgeous blue on top. Then this pretty window sat in my living room for about 1 month before I touched it again.

Reclaimed Window Frame

When I finally got back around to my window it was time for the distressing. I pulled out my trusty sander and scuffed that baby up. The gorgeous original white paint, along with my gray paint, came through beautifully.

Reclaimed Window Frame

Then I took took my mirror glass spray paint and water bottle {using the technique that I used on my mercury glass lamps} and sprayed it on the back side of the window on one pane. Now that one pane looks like an old, antique mirror. And when I look into it I look like an old, antique version of myself. {I know. I’m weird.}

I added 2 coats of polycrylic to seal it.

Reclaimed Window Frame

I over sprayed the old handles with spray paint so that it looked cracked and old.

I slapped some wire on the back and hung it above my DIY Entryway Bench. It really helps pull the entry space together. And bonus, the wall above my bench is no longer naked! I love the look. I think it screams, “Welcome! Come on in!”

Like I said, I’m not quite done with that window yet but it is well on it’s way! And better yet, it no longer occupies space on my living room floor.

What do you guys think? Have you used an old window to decorate anywhere in your house?