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{Printable} Packing List

It has been a crazy few weeks around here! I have been working my tail off! I’ve been trying to get ahead on projects for the blog because, for the next week, the hubby and I will be heading back to our stomping grounds! Look out Chicago!! Here we come!

I can’t wait to go back to good ole’ Chi-town. We haven’t been back since Christmas, which was only 1 month after we moved to Colorado. It’s strange how I expect everything to be both the same and completely different.

It will be a wonderful time of visiting friends and family and getting to love on my nieces and nephews. AND, if I’m lucky, meet my newest niece {who better be obedient and be born while I’m there!}. We will be also making a quick trip down to Kentucky for the wedding of a dear friend. It should be great!

I decided to be kind and share this picture with all of you. It is one of my favorites! It was taken over spring break of my junior year of college. The hubby {who was still just “the boyfriend”} and I had some friends come home with us and we had to show them the sites! Here we are at the famous “Bean” downtown. This picture pretty much perfectly explains our relationship: I’m crazy and weird while the hubby just puts up with it and goes along for the ride, laughing at me as we go.

Years ago I decided to make a packing list. I’m always afraid of leaving something behind that I might really really need. {Maybe it is from the 3 trips where I forgot my cell phone charger.} So I made this crazy comprehensive packing list. I haven’t forgotten anything since!

My mom and sister and even some friends started asking me to print one off for them every time they went somewhere. So now I share it with all of you! I hope you find it helpful as you go on your many adventures!

**Note: As I’m not a momma yet, this list is for yourself and/or your significant other. I make no claims of knowing what all a child needs on a trip besides clothes, food, toys, and diapers!