Love, Pomegranate House


Painting a Forest Mural

As I said last Friday, the hubby and I are back from Chicago and we are catching up on our sleep. We had a wonderful time being jungle-gyms for our nieces and nephews, meeting our newest niece {who was a good, obedient girl and was born while Auntie Talitha was there!}, and spending some quality time with our siblings and parents. 

While we were there my mom asked my sister and I to help her decorate her room. You see, she moved into her house a little over 1 year ago, after my dad died. She has decorated 75% of the house but has neglected to decorate her own room!!

Now I need to explain a little bit about my mom. She is absolutely stunning, has Dick Clark’s youthful genes {seriously… she has always been identified by strangers as my sister… since I was about 10!}, is incredibly kind and generous, and has a serious love of bright colors and birds. Yes, birds. Not birds to own, mind you. Just to bird watch out her windows. So when it came to revamping her room, she had 2 requirements: color and birds!

Once deciding and agreeing upon a tree/forest type mural we set to work!

We began by transforming her room from a buttery yellow to a beautiful blue-gray {Behr’s Sonata}.

Then I got to execute every kid’s dream: drawing on the walls without getting punished!! In fact, when my 4 year old niece walked in the room and asked if she could get her crayons and help me, I had to tell her to never draw on the walls {you’re welcome, my dear sister!}.

Don’t be afraid of doing this! Trees are organic in shape and don’t have much uniformity! You can’t really go wrong!

We decided on 3 different shades of brown for the trees. They were all varying shades of the same brown found on the same paint swatch. Beautiful chocolate brown bedding will be used so we went more on the chocolate-y side.

Those small $3 paint sample sizes is all you need for each of these. We had plenty of paint and plenty left over {coughcough even after SOMEONE knocked one over!}.

Everyone, meet my darling sister. This was about 3 seconds before she yelled at me {like the bossy older sister she is} for taking pictures of her. I kid, I kid… kinda. Love you, sis!

Then leaves were added. We used 3 colors of green as well. These were just acrylic craft paints we had laying around the house.

Again, this was SOOO easy! Don’t worry about drawing these on your wall! Just go for it and have fun!

Since our trees overlapped, we had to decide which color tree would go in front of the other. We forgot about this in a few spots and just had to go back and touch it up.

We also put another tree in the other corner. You can see above the bathroom door that we extended the tree branches into the bathroom as well. And when my mom wasn’t looking, we “carved” her and my dad’s initials in that tree! {Score! Tears from mom means we win! She loved it!!!}

As I said, my mom loves her birds and wanted them incorporated into her room. We searched the house and found a bunch of white frames and tore pictures of birds out from magazines and put them in her forest! And to fulfill her color requirement, we made sure that they were bright and cheery colored birds!

With a venture out to the store {or 5} we found the perfect curtains! A subtle, but rich colored green to bring out the green in the leaves. {I realize that they should go to the floor but there is a heat register that would cause serious issues if covered up! Hence the floodwater curtains!} The throw pillows were also updated with bright pops of color and texture.

And you can see a tiny bit of that bright green throw rug on the floor. My mom says it is shaggy and perfect because it looks like grass! The grandkids had fun rolling on it and playing “Ring Around the Rosie” in Nana’s “grass”.

Didn’t it turn out wonderfully? What do all of you think? Have you ever created your own wall mural?