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Painted Flower Pots

I am the daughter of a flower whisperer. My mother has always had a huge green thumb. {Cue the vision of my mother with a HUGE thumb that happens to be green… giggle}. Imagine expansive terraced gardens with the most beautiful flowers growing and never dying. That was my mother’s doing. Why, oh why did my mother not pass on this ability to not kill every. single. plant. I’ve ever tried to grow!?

Painted Flower Pots

In early spring I bought a beautiful hanging basket for our patio… it died. In about 6 weeks. Even though I loved it and watered it. I wishfully thought that maybe my patio was too sunny for a shade plant. So I bought a part-sun plant. Died. In about 2 weeks. Finally, I tried 3 plants at once: shade, part-sun, and full-sun. Died AGAIN! I quit. I obviously fail at nurturing plants. Call me Mrs. Black Thumb.

Several weeks went by and I was still bummed that plants hated me so much. Then, as I was walking through the Dollar Spot at Target I happened upon a $1 little herb greenhouse. I snatched it up in my hopes of growing something! I never really expected anything to come of my little basil seeds. After all, I did only pay a dollar!

{I know, I know. “When will she get to the pots already!?” I’m getting there. I promise!}

And then, nearly overnight, they grew! By the way, the packaging said to only plant 10 seeds. I didn’t trust that any would grow so I threw all 30-ish in there! HA! They ALL grew!

And they grew. And they grew. Finally, it was time to transplant my little basil seedlings! They were getting all squished!

I bought some cheap-o terracotta pots and some soil and was ready to go! But you know I’ve got to make little thing pretty! So I decided to paint my little flower pots. {See!? I told you I’d make it to the point one of these days!}

To make these little pretties you will need:

  • Pots and saucers
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush/sponge
  • Tape

Begin by painting the pots and letting them dry overnight. Mine each needed 2 coats for good coverage. Tape off whatever design you want.

Then paint within your tape. Allow about 5 minutes for your paint to dry and take the tape off. Voila! Instant cuteness!

Now my basil have a spot to grow and hopefully grow into a bush I can actually use for cooking!

You can see my basil growing in the gray polka-dot pot, a “Lola” succulent I’m trying out in the aqua striped pot, and some Cilantro in the Pink chevron pot. I got the Cilantro at Target after my basil did so well, but they aren’t as happy. They are growing… but slowly. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

What about you guys? Do you have any good tips for growing plants? Have any of you overcome a black thumb?