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Curb Appeal Tips (Part 2) – Landscaping

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 2) - Landscaping

Today I’m continuing with my curb appeal series. Woo! When talking about curb appeal, one of the biggest things you can do to increase curb appeal is landscaping. I know. That word can totally be intimidating. But landscaping doesn’t just mean hiring a professional to revamp your yard. Landscaping can be a DIY too! Just ask our house when we first bought it. To say that our home lacked appeal when we first saw it, is an understatement. Yikes.

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Curb Appeal Tips (Part 1) – A New Roof, Fence & Siding

We're Moving!!

I’m on a curb appeal kick. And it is totally unintentional. I mean, yes. Our house is in some desperate need of curb appeal. The above is how it looked when we first bought it. Imagine years of ignoring the state of your yard. That is what our yard looked like. It was bad.

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 1) - A New Roof, Fence, & Siding

Then, after discovering some serious issues with the trees, we had 17 removed. And 7 overgrown bushes. Yeah. Seventeen trees in that tiny front yard. Crazy town. We left 3 of the healthy trees and they are flourishing with all their newfound sunlight. And this is how you all last saw the front of our house. Trees removed, gutters full of leaves, and random black spot on the driveway. (What the heck is that!? I didn’t even notice it until I looked at this picture!) I didn’t even give curb appeal another thought. I was all caught up working on the inside of the house.

And then, on Valentine’s Day evening, the wind came. About 10pm that night the winds started to pick up. And they didn’t stop until the next morning. Gusts reached 110 mph. Tornado force winds. For about 9 hours straight.

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Slow Cooker Refried Beans

Slow Cooker Refried Beans

I’m a mexican food fiend. I love all mexican food. Salsa. Burritos. Enchiladas. Guacamole. You name it, I love it. But I stink at cooking it. Don’t get me wrong, the mexican food I have made in the past was delicious. But that is only because of those amazing seasoning packets. You know, the paper ones that cost $1 at the grocery store? Don’t get me wrong, I love those packets. But as someone who enjoys cooking, I’m a little ashamed that I have never made true, authentic mexican food.

But that has now changed! And seriously guys, these beans are DA BOMB (oh hi, 1990s!). They are simple to make and are the best refried beans I’ve had outside of a restaurant. And that is saying something. I’ve been on the look out for good refried beans at home for a long time. And these fit the bill. Delicious and easy! Yum! You absolutely must try these Slow Cooker Refried Beans!

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Dining Room Makeover (Part 1) – Choosing the Perfect Paint Colors + GIVEAWAY!!!

Dining Room Makeover (Part 1)

Blah. That’s what I think when I see my dining room in its current state. It hasn’t undergone any real transformations except that I painted it the first week we moved in. I basically threw my grandmother’s hutch and my 120+ year old mahogany table in there and called it a day. I haven’t even put up blinds or curtains or anything…. “Hello neighbors! Don’t pay any attention to the lady who wears yoga pants all day everyday!” And I guess it isn’t necessarily even a dining “room” as much as a large eat-in kitchen area.

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No Bake Energy Bites

No Bake Energy Bites

Once upon a time, life got really really ridiculously good looking busy. Princess Talitha wished life could slow down so she could, you know, eat… and stuff. But, alas, life refused Talitha’s request and forged ahead, twice as fast as before. Queue me entering, stage left, doing 2 room makeovers/facelifts in 4 weeks. PLUS prepping the house for guests. PLUS doing crazy amounts of yard work to keep the snakes at bay.

By the time my mom got here this past Saturday, I was exhausted. She told me about this great recipe for a little pick-me-up that was packed full of great proteins. Twenty minutes later I had these delicious no bake energy bites!

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