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Light Bulb Vases

I’m a big fan of finding cheap ways to make my house pretty {duh, Talitha/Captain Obvious! You made a blog about it!}. One of the big ways of doing that is taking something simple and ordinary and finding a new way to use it! Reinvention is a spectacular thing!

Introducing light bulb vases! I do not claim the idea as my own, but I did figure out how to make them on my own. And they are oh so pretty! And adorable. And a great conversational piece! To this day, it is one of the hubby’s favorite projects that I have done.

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DIY Tufted Ottoman from a Coffee Table

When it comes to coffee tables, I am very unlucky. It all began when I was engaged and searching for furnishings for my future apartment. Being a newbie to decorating, I was searching for a very specific style. Antique Victorian with queen anne’s legs, to be specific. Ha. I couldn’t find just what I wanted anywhere. A year came and went and I was married… and coffee table-less.

Then one day, my dear sister found exactly what I wanted for cheap at a thrift store! She snatched it up for me and I happily brought my beauty home! Less than 5 days later my darling husband and brother were having a guys’ night while I was at work. They put a large pizza on my unfinished coffee table, causing a permanent, huge, white heat mark about the size of Kansas on my gorgeous new table. I tried all sorts of treatments with no hope. So I finally sanded it down to the original wood and attempted to re-stain it. Nope. My NEW stain was bad somehow and refused to soak into my wood and be even in color. I quit. I offered my coffee table to anyone who would have it. I didn’t want it if it wouldn’t look exactly like I wanted. I was so disappointed.

Fast forward another 6 months. I had recovered from my devastation of my Victorian coffee table. I had new-found hope. And this time, I wanted an ottoman. I began looking online at gorgeous tufted ottomans. And I found this beauty.

But this beautiful ottoman costs anywhere from $400-$600. Ouch.

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No-Sew Throw Pillows

Once upon a time there was me. And I had a boring off-white couch with boring off-white pillows sitting along a standard boring off-white apartment wall. Blah. I tried to spruce things up with a painting on the wall. Didn’t help so much. Then I decided, why not try adding a pop of color through my throw pillows?

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DIY Blue Mason Jars

One thing those close to me have learned is that I have a tendency to reject “trendy” things. I reject them until the fad is good and settled, then I cave and give it a chance and fall MADLY in love with it. It’s not that I don’t like “trendy” items. It’s more that I don’t like to go with the crowd. Say no to peer pressure!! Or not.

This was the case with Harry Potter. I refused to read the books while all my friends were devouring them. Then, after the 3rd movie had come out, I gave in and read the first book. Needless to say, I went through the series pretty quickly and just as much a Potter-fanatic as anyone. {Excuse me Hogwarts!! I’m still waiting for my letter!! I don’t care that I’m 26!!!!}

I did the exact same rejection with mason jars. While they were everywhere when I was planning my own wedding, I wanted nothing to do with them. Sure, they were pretty and cute and versatile. But no. My stubbornness won out. Now? Oh I have a collection to rival anyone! They take up 2 shelves in my coveted tiny kitchen cabinets! Do I stop snatching them up the second I see them at a thrift store? Heck no!

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