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Project New Hardwood Floors – Demo

Guys. GUYS! The one thing I have been looking forward to doing the MOST on our house has begun! That’s right… THE FLOORS ARE GETTING REPLACED! Sorry. I know that was a lot of caps. But it seemed appropriate given how I was basically yelling (in excitement) at all of you. Sorry ’bout that. But I’ve wanted to replace the floors in this house since the day we first stepped foot in it. And now it is happening! It is very exciting!!!!

The floors are almost done now but I’ve been slow at posting. I guess working from 8am-8pm every day will do that to you. My bad. But I also don’t feel TOO bad because everything has happened within the past 3 weeks. It has been utter insanity.  We decided to do the floor demo, install, and finishing touches all ourselves. You know, to save money and to be able to say that we did. While I’ve been working my tail off I have been thinking of you guys though! I have been chronicling our whole process so I can it share with all of you. And to encourage those of you who think laying hardwoods is too difficult. I promise it isn’t! It isn’t that hard at all… just a little time consuming. Especially if you are laying almost 800 square feet.

Project New Floors - Demo

So let’s get this party started! The first step to laying new hardwoods is ordering hardwoods. Obviously. There are tons of options out there but we went with And can I say… they are freaking awesome. They don’t know me and I’m not getting paid to say this, but their prices and quality are second to none. And if you order a FREE sample, it will be on your doorstep in less than 24 hours. I’m hoping to do a post all about picking out hardwoods so I’ll give you more info on that at a later date.

Back to the topic of this post. DEMO. We had our floors ordered so we needed to demo our old floors so we could install the gorgeous new ones. Step one in the demo process is to decide if you want to remove baseboards or not. Your options are basically #1: remove baseboards and re-install them on top of the new floors or #2: leave your current baseboards attached to the wall and lay the floors right up to your baseboards. With option 2 you just use quarter-round trim to cover the necessary expansion gap. We chose option #1. Partly because we had to remove some of the baseboards anyways to rip up old floors and subflooring (more on that in a sec) and partly because we wanted to replace all the baseboards due to the previous owners’ what-I-can-only-assume-was-a-live-in pack of wolves.

Removal of said baseboards was pretty easy peasy. Cut the caulk with a utility knife. Wedge a flat tip screwdriver between the wall and the baseboards. Hammer the screwdriver with a few taps to pull the baseboards away from the wall. Move screwdriver down the baseboard until the entire piece comes off in one piece! TA-DA!

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Budget-Friendly Furniture Finds

If you have been around LPH for any length of time you probably have realized that I am crazy cheap. I HATE spending a butt-load of money on something when I can find something of similar style and quality for less money. (Random: did you know that a “butt-load” is an actual unit of measurement? Well it is. You’re welcome.) It is one of the reasons I have never bought anything from Pottery Barn. Yes, I’ll drool over their catalogs, but I can’t justify paying $700 on a bookshelf when I can find it somewhere else for less than a 1/3 that price.

And because I am such an incredibly kind and benevolent ruler of this slice of the internet, I wanted to share my amazing find with all of you. Seriously guys, Sauder is awesome. Sauder is this great company that manufactures high quality furniture at affordable prices. I got this great tall bookcase and gold storage ottoman for less than $250! And yes, in case you were wondering, those ah-mazing label plates came with the bookcase.

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Getting Personal {Part 3} – A Life Changing Diagnosis

Before we get going with part 3 of our infertility story, I want to say thank you again. As difficult as it has been to write our story, you guys have been so incredibly encouraging. I truly can’t thank you enough. Keep the prayers coming, we definitely need them. Also, sorry this post was a week in the making. Our internet has been out and we finally got it resolved and switched providers so I don’t have to try to write these posts on my phone. ;)

Thyroid Problems

Anywho, the way this whole infertility series came about was out of a desire to write this post. I wanted to tell you guys why recipes haven’t been shared as much on LPH recently as they had been in the past. To tell you why recipes I would be sharing from now on would be a different kind of recipe. So here we go. At this point in our journey with infertility, I finally started to get some answers and diagnoses. In part 1 and part 2 of our infertility story, I shared with you guys about our first and second miscarriages. Part 3, in short, will be about a diagnosis that lead me to become gluten-free and change my way of life.

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Getting Personal {Part 2} – The Hard Times Keep Coming…

Okay. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I hit that publish button, but I should have known how wonderful all of you amazing people would be. I cried as each and every one of your comments came in. I truly can’t thank you enough. But today, I need to ask for even more grace from you guys. Unfortunately, there are a few more “parts” to our infertility story. And things get worse before they get better.


I ended part 1 of our story of struggling with infertility by sharing about the loss of our “little bug” to an early miscarriage. Remembering and reliving that experience has been incredibly hard. Harder than I expected. Losing Little Bug was unbelievably painful. I didn’t know how life could continue on. But just like after losing my dad, somehow each and every day I woke up and life kept happening. I spent hours each and every day pleading, begging, mourning, crying before my big, all powerful, very real God. And eventually, and slowly, that mourning turned into back into living life. I can truly look back and say that the only way I made it through that horrible time was with the grace of God and the strength of my amazing husband.

You would think I was too traumatized to keep trying to conceive. But my desire for a child was only intensified. Six weeks after losing Little Bug we started actively trying to conceive again. But this time without the basal body temperatures, ovulation kits, and centering our lives around trying to conceive. God had shown me that those were my ways of trying to control the situation. Being the control freak that I am, I had to let go of this and give it to God. His timing is perfect. I will trust in His great plans for us. Even today.

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Getting Personal {Part One} – I always knew it was coming…

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time but I was always afraid to do just that. I didn’t know what feelings I would be unearthing (btw, its lots of tears) or how all of you would react. But a big part of my change of heart was wanting to share more of myself and wanting to be less afraid of what I share. So here I go. Be gentle with my heart, friends.


My desire to write this post started out with me wanting to share with all of you my journey to become gluten free. But as I began thinking about my decision to become gluten free, I realized that my story wasn’t simply about food. It was more about my journey of infertility. And as terrifying as it is to write this post, I know I am not alone. Though often, I feel very, very alone. Infertility is not something that people talk about. I guarantee that at least one couple you know is struggling with infertility. But you might not know it. The culture of shame and pain behind infertility is what keeps most of us quiet. But we have no reason to be ashamed. One of the things that has helped me the most is wonderful, dear friends who have opened up to me to let me know that they have or are going through the beast of infertility right beside me. In case you don’t have those friends, I’ll be that friend for you. That is what made me truly decide to write this post. For all of us who feel alone. And more importantly, that is why I will hit that terrifying “publish” button.

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