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Happy Memorial Day!!

Happy Memorial Day all! I hope you all are having a fantastic time celebrating, remembering, and honoring those who have served to protect our country. I don’t have enough words to thank those who gave their lives so we can enjoy the lives we live today. I wish I could thank each and every one of you who has served past, present, and future.

Happy Memorial Day!!

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I’m spending the day relaxing with the hubby and grilling! I’m so excited! In honor of this patriotic holiday I wanted to share a few past LPH projects and recipes.

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Copycat Pudding Popsicles

TGIF! It is almost time for a 3 day weekend! Yippee! That means some quality time with the hubby! And because it is Memorial Day we also get to see some great fireworks. I love me some fireworks. Any of you have grand plans for this holiday weekend??

Copycat Pudding Popsicles

Have you noticed that the past 2 weeks I’ve been on an ice cream/popsicle kick. I think it is the beautiful 70 and 80 degree days we’ve been having. That combined with all the work I’ve been doing outside, I’m loving me some popsicles! One of my all time favorite popsicles as a kid was Jello pudding pops. I love them. In effort to get back in touch with my inner child, I decided to venture to make these delicious Copycat Pudding Popsicles.

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The Easy Way To Hang Your Curtains

I have a confession: when we first moved into the house almost a month ago. I had no clue what I wanted as far as decor and design goes. I know, I know. A DIY blogger not knowing what kind of style she likes!? What!?! Well, it’s true. I have always tried to make the decor of our home work within the confines of where we live. And for the past several years that has been apartments. Boring, beige, standard apartments. So when we moved in to the new house where I could do anything I wanted, I was in a big of a decor shock. What do I want!? I had/have no clue. I didn’t want to be super trendy for fear of hating it in 2 years! So I was afraid to commit to anything {with the exception of paint, I knew I loved gray.. but apparently I didn’t know what shade of gray I loved} and that included curtains.

The Easy Way To Hang Your Curtains

As many people will tell you when you move, you should always make sure you have bedding and bathing supplies available immediately. Most people also tell you to have curtains immediately. I didn’t. I was afraid to commit! I didn’t buy them until we had lived in our home for a week. We would sit in the living room at night to veg and watch a little TV. Suddenly, I knew what it felt like to be on reality TV. Dark night, lights on in the house, and no curtains? Yup, everyone could see our every move. I started calling it the “Fishbowl Effect”. I was imagining all kinds of creepy pervs lining up to stand outside our house. Eww. It was awful.

So my mom and I skipped off to Ikea and bought some beautiful Rivta curtains that are nice and super long! We also bought a nice and long curtain rod. I don’t love extendable rods because they always seem to sag in the middle, but this one was long enough to fit over the window without extending. SCORE! And then the dreaded chore… hanging the curtains. I almost always ended up with multiple holes in the walls. So instead, I figured out the easy way to hang your curtains! And because I’m so nice, I’ll let you in on the little secret.

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Oops I Did It Again…

I played with your heart! Got lost in the paint! Oooo baby, baby! Just having a little Britney moment over here. You were all so kind and encouraging when I posted about how I was already repainting… after living in our new house for only 3 weeks. Fail. But seriously. Thank you. You guys rock. You inspired me to power through my failure and pick up a paint brush again.

Oops I Did It Again... Gray Painted Great Room

Anywho, this last week we took 2 days and repainted the living room and kitchen. And all I can say is holy wow. I am in love with the gray we picked! It is perfect! It is exactly what I envisioned for our space. No more suspense. We went with number 2 – a beautiful gray with a touch of warmth. It is called Sparrow by Behr.

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Sponsor Love {May 2013}

Once a month I like to take a little time and say thank you to all the people and businesses that support LPH. Their support allows me to do all that I love to do and share it all with you!! So let’s get this rolling!


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Kathy, the artist behind Stained Glass Artistry is an amazingly kind and talented person! She handcrafts all kinds of beautiful items out of fused glass! She makes stained glass window panes, night lights, coasters, pendant necklaces, bowls, and plates! Kathy can even custom designs items and makes them just to your specifications! So go and stop by and give her some love from LPH!


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Next up, we have the amazing Jenn of With Luck! She is the cute lady you will find sharing style tips, DIY-ing a craft, or even sharing a great recipe! She just moved into a house and I can’t wait to see what she does with it! Make sure to stop by and give Jenn some LPH love!

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Pick Your Plum is a daily deal site that sells baking and crafting supplies, home decor items, clothing, accessories, and tons of other great finds at an amazingly discounted price! Every weekday they offer a new deal for the day on an item and it goes until the item is sold out. You can see what that item is each day in the banner on my sidebar! If you want that item, click the banner and get the deal!


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Groopdealz is another great deals site! They run deals on awesome stuff! You can find jewelry, craft and cooking supplies, clothes, accessories… seriously awesome stuff. But most of the deals only run for 24-48 hours and there are always new deals each day! So you definitely should add it to your list of places to check out each day!


Thanks again to all my fan-tabulous sponsors {yes, I made up that word. And yes I use it on a daily basis}! You guys rock!! If you are interested in purchasing ad space on LPH, visit my Advertise page! I have ad space available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes! You could also sponsor a giveaway or have me write a product/business review!