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20-Minute BBQ Cups

Howdy all! Apparently I’m southern today. I blame my near-death experience yesterday. What happened you might ask? I was sitting nicely on my patio, not moving, staining my table {sneak at upcoming project!!} when I felt a sharp pain in my right knee. I wait about a second and it gets seriously intense. I rub at it and see a wasp come flying out from under the table. What’s a girl to do? Most would be upset. Not me. I go into full.on.panic. I run inside as fast as I can and run to the medicine cabinet where I keep my epi-pen. That’s right… I’m deathly allergic to bee stings. I rush to my phone and call my hubby to get home STAT! Armed with my pen, I desperately tried to get control of my breathing. MUST. STOP. HYPERVENTILATING! After about 20 minutes I feel like I’m just a little short of breath. Should I have used my epi-pen? Maybe. Did I? No. Nurses make the worst patients, people. {FYI, if I ever felt like I was in serious danger I wouldn’t have hesitated to call 911}. Hubby’s been home to keep an eye on me and my knee is nice and swollen. Hooray.

20-Minute BBQ Cups

I’m not one to panic. Especially not in emergency situations. I’m a nurse, I’m trained to handle emergencies. But apparently when it comes to me… I freak. I almost died. Then I didn’t. What does that have to do with today’s recipe? Absolutely nothing. But I can write about whatever I want. ;) And I thought you should all know of how almost.poop.myself scared I was.

So back to the foods. I whipped these up earlier this week and they were ah.mazing. They are definitely going on the “to make again” list. And they don’t take any longer than 20-minutes to make… baking and all! So when you need a quick recipe that will definitely impress, make these fantastic 20-Minute BBQ Cups!

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How-to Beef Up Your Baseboards for Cheap

How-To Beef Up Your Baseboards for Cheap

So this project was not one I planned on doing for quite some time. Was I excited for it? Yes. Was I eager to paint the creamy beige-y baseboards? Definitely. Was I dying to part with my mini baseboards? A little. But we have family coming out to visit at the end of the month so the hubby and I have been living in project mode and focusing on projects that fall onto our “what we want to get done before they come” list. Baseboards was not on my list. But it was on the hubby’s. Plus, he was excited for it! That rarely happens! So beefing up our baseboards quickly became a must and it was knocked out in just one day!

How-To Beef Up Your Baseboards for Cheap

If you are looking for the drama of taller baseboards but you don’t want to spend your time and money ripping out the old ones and replacing them with chunkier ones, then this is definitely a project you want to do! The total cost for beefing up the baseboards in our entire great room and dining room was $60. SIXTY DOLLARS! And that included tools we needed to buy. That is a tiny fraction of what it would cost to replace our baseboards!

Anywho, to the tutorial! Above you can see where we started. Our baseboards were about 2.5-inches tall and a yellowy cream. Others of you may have shorter baseboards like mine and they can be great! But when you have vaulted ceilings, they look itty-bitty. Not my cuppa tea. When we painted the great room I didn’t bother to paint the last 2-inches, knowing that we were going to have to paint them and cover them with the update.

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Pin It to Win It Giveaway!

I have a great giveaway for all of you today! In honor of my darling friend Alyssa, The Recipe Critic, and her 1 year blogiversary we are giving away some awesome prizes for all of you! Not only could you win some great prizes but you get to know some amazing new blogs!

happy birthday recipe critic

birthday pin it to win it

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How-To Make a Flip Down Media Drawer

How-to Make a Flip Down Media Drawer

You all waited so patiently! I was a big tease and showed you my fancy new Dresser Turned Media Stand and then I promised I would show you how I made my fancy flip down drawer. And now I’m back to deliver on the promise! I really hope this all makes sense because I just made it up as I went along. So because of that I took 15 million pictures, hoping it would help make it all clear. So let’s get started! Here is How-To Make a Flip Down Media Drawer!

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