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“Back to School” Crayon Favor

"Back to School" Crayon Favor

Hello all! Did you have a fantabulous weekend?? I hope you did! Its another new month and I’m sharing another great DIY gift idea over on I Heart Naptime! This time I decided to go “back-to-school” themed. I can’t believe it is already time for kiddos to go back to school! I guess time flies differently when you are an adult. Anywho, isn’t it cute!? Come stop by and check out the tutorial for this adorable “back to school” crayon favor!



Updated Old Brass Doorknobs

Okay, okay. I know, I know. I’ve been the worst blogger this summer! I promise I’m starting to get back into the swing of things! It isn’t that I haven’t been DIY-ing. In fact, I’ve been DIY-ing my butt off. But most of the things are things you guys wouldn’t be interested in. Let me just say that I’m pretty sure there is 15 miles of trim in this house. And there is only many posts you can do on painting trim.

Updated Old Brass Doorknobs via Love, Pomegranate house

Moving on. I, like many of you, inherited lovely icky brassy doorknobs. Though my knobs weren’t just icky because they were brassy. They are also coated in a mixture of dog hair, paint, and some unidentified grease. Ick. Double ick. Triple ick! They needed some serious TLC. And not the TLC where you are nice and kind and give them a little wipe and an encouraging word. The kind of TLC where you scrub and scratch and grumble until you think you will rub your reflection right off. I meant business. So me and my DIY bestie {aka spray paint} got to work updating old brass doorknobs into a thing of beauty.

Updated Old Brass Doorknobs

Here are my original doors in all their beauty. Not too bad. A super knicked and scratched cream door with brassy knobs {and by “-“knobs” I don’t mean “knobs”… I mean knobs. Though I guess that doorknobs are the boobs of the door…}.  They were totally livable. But, as I said before, I’ve been painting trim. And when trim in the hallways goes from cream to white, the doors have to too. So I’ve been taking doors off hinges and praying that no one stops by and has to use the bathroom since there is a minor privacy issue now… you know… no door. And while the doors are getting painted {5 down! 11 bajillion to go!} with the same technique as I used for our front door, I am taking advantage and painting that hardware! Continue reading


Strawberry Sunrise Smoothie & Giveaway

I don’t know about you but it has been H-O-T-T around here lately! I’m desperately trying to find ways to stay cool and beat this heat. One of my favorite ways is whip up a smoothie. And how do you make a smoothie?? In a blender… duh! So I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers to give away the perfect tool to help you survive the summer heat…

Summer Survival Blendtec Giveaway

To help you with your smoothie creations, the I Heart Nap Time Creative Team has teamed up to give away a Blendtec blender, valued at $450, for one of YOU lucky readers! And to celebrate the awesome blender giveaway, we thought we’d give you a whole board full of Smoothie Recipes to choose from! Check out the variety of smoothie recipes below and then enter to win your very own Blendtec blender using the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of the post!

Summer Survival Smoothie Blog Hop

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Lemon Pudding Bars

Hello all my lovely friends! Have you missed me?? I was MIA for a whole week but I’m back at it! I’ve spend my week alternating between being covered in paint and being lazy. Pretty soon I’ll have a bunch of projects to show you but right now, they all sit half finished. It’s been awesome to take a mini-mental vacation but I have missed you all so much!

Refreshing Lemon Pudding Bars via Love, Pomegranate House

Not only have I been painting and being lazy, I’ve also been a busy little bee in the kitchen. And since it has been so hot I’ve been wanting some cool and refreshing treats. Now, let me be clear about this amazing dessert. I’m not a huge fan of lemon. I don’t like lemonade, I don’t even really like lemon chicken. It isn’t just that I have a prejudice against lemon. I don’t like most citrus fruits. I have no clue why. I’ve tried them multiple times but just can’t get on board with the flavor. But this?? I could eat the entire batch myself. It is ah-mazing! I love it! And it has quickly become a summer staple that always delivers. I present to you… refreshing lemon pudding bars!
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Italian Baked Fries

The little things are everything.

Italian Baked Fries

When I was contacted by Olivari Olive Oil to join their campaign for the “Year of the Little” I was very excited. I often find it hard to make time in all the busy-ness to to enjoy the little things in life. And I’m sure I am not alone. Too often I spend my days behind one screen or another, forgetting to notice the little things.

Olivari is taking this year to remind people to make time for the little things in life. You can find out more about their “Year of Little” campaign on the Olivari Facebook page. They are sharing some awesome recipes and some cute videos. They even give great “little” tips. I really liked this one:

How To Make Different Types of Coffee

So I wanted to take a minute and remember the little things in life that bring a smile to my face these days. Ready??

Summer rain showers. Flowers blooming. Neighbor kids giggling. Falling asleep to the sound of the rain. Cheese (what!? I like cheese!). The smell of coffee. The sound of the garage door opening, signaling that my hubby is home. Silly ringtones. The summer of shakes. A great book. And homemade italian baked fries. 

Yes. Homemade Italian Baked Fries. That is what my house smells like right now. And holy wow. It is an amazing smell. That is my current “little thing” that I am appreciating. And since I am so kind… I wanted to share my recipe with you.

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