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Magnetic Chalkboard Menu + Cut It Out Giveaway!!

Magnetic Chalkboard Menu

I’m a sucker for curvy. Wait. Let me clarify. I’m not talking about body shapes. I’m talking about decor. I like a touch of straight modernism but I love curvy. I don’t really know why. I’m just drawn to it! See evidence of my love here and here. So when Cut It Out contacted me wanting to send me some of their products and sponsor a giveaway, I was all for it! Cut It Out is a fantastic shop that offers wood cut out frames, letters, numbers, and symbols. But seriously… have you seen their gorgeous curvy frames?? Cut It Out has beautiful frames in many shapes and sizes. AND at amazing prices! I’ve had my eye on these frames for a while so I quickly ordered my own to show their versatility. Check out my awesome Magnetic Chalkboard Menu!!!

(Sidenote: Aren’t my nieces’ drawings adorable!?)

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Confessions of a Bargain Hunter: Pillow Edition

Confessions of a Bargain Hunter: Where to Find Cheap Pillows

AKA: Where to find super cheap pillow forms.

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m crazy frugal. In fact, I’m quite proud of it. I don’t like to spend money. Scratch that. I don’t like to spend more money than I have to. I refuse to pay $40 for something I can get for $5 somewhere else. My hubby jokes that most men have problems with their wives spending too much money. But not him. I am always on the hunt for a great bargain. I stalk thrift stores, search garage sales, and scour clearance aisles. Just call me the Bargain Hunter! Da-dun! I’m like the Crocodile Hunter… minus the awful stingray accident. Just imagine me spotting a deal in it’s natural habitat…….. nevermind.

Just because I’m not willing to compromise on price does not mean I am willing to compromise on quality. Pillows are no exception to my frugality. I luuurrve pillows. But I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get them. The average cotton pillow form costs about $15 and the average down pillow form costs $40. No thanks. So I’m going to give  you my little secret of where to get high quality pillow forms for super cheap!

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Pantry Mini-Makeover + $100 Gift Card Giveaway

Pantry Mini-Makeover

Do you guys realize how quickly the holidays are coming up!? Wasn’t it just October yesterday?? Where is the time going? SLOW DOWN! I don’t know about you, but I do a lot of cooking/baking around the holidays. Not just for the holidays themselves, but also for all the friend/family get-togethers and parties. ‘Tis the season, I guess. And with all of the time I spend in the kitchen this time of year, I always begin to notice some of my kitchen’s shortcomings. One of the biggest areas I’m noticing right now? My pantry. It isn’t nearly as organized as I would like and it makes finding things a little difficult. So when Avery contacted me asking me to use their labels, I instantly knew I was going to do a pantry mini-makeover.

Pantry Mini-Makeover

My pantry started out like this. Not terrible, but not great. The cans are stacked high and often topple over when I go to remove one. Can we say annoying?? It definitely isn’t conducive to retrieving items quickly while in the midst of baking (p.s. It makes me feel all smart and schmancy when I use the phrase “in the midst…”… until I realize that I just used the word “schmancy”). When we moved in, the pantry had 5 shelves, but the bottom shelf had to be removed in order to fit some of my taller kitchen gadgets.

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Main Bathroom Makeover Reveal

First things first. You guys ROCK! You were incredibly helpful with my bentwood rocking chair decision! I’m going to be mean and not tell you what I decided to do. BUT fabric has been ordered and plans made to begin my makeover. Don’t worry. It won’t be too long.

Main Bath Reveal

Now back to why you all are really here. The hubby and I started to makeover our main bathroom back in August. Only 2 months isn’t too bad, right!? It has been a slow process gathering the bits and pieces of this little makeover. And since we all know that I am very cheap resourceful, we spent less than $200! Woot woot! The main bath is my new favorite room in our home. You may or may not find me hanging out in here petting the floors.

FYI, the main bath is not 100% done. I’ve been itching to share it with you so I’m jumping the gun a bit. I’ve been on the search for artwork for the walls but I haven’t found anything I like so I’m still hunting. Also, down the line we want to replace the contertops, sink, faucet, mirror and light. All in time, right?

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HELP! Rocking Chair Makeover Poll

You know when you find an amazing piece of furniture and you do a happy dance and you can imagine all the wonderful things you could do with it? And then you get it home and you are at a complete loss as to which way to go with your little furniture makeover?

Bentwood Chair Makeover

That is my current predicament.

On Monday I shared an update on our living room and I showed you my most recent thrifty find… an amazingly beautiful bentwood rocking chair. I’m seriously in love with it. But not as it currently is.

Bentwood Chair Before

Isn’t she beautiful?? Those curvy legs? That exposed wood. Yowza! If I didn’t take her home that first night I would have asked for her phone number. She is in fantastic condition and I got her for a steal at $15. Buuuttt I’m not the biggest fan of the fabric. Sure, vintage fabric can be wonderful but this fabric just wasn’t my style.

After seeing this, I was dreaming of painting my beauty. But there are so many options! Do I go bold and bright? Just change out the fabric? Embrace the wood? AHHHH! SO MANY OPTIONS! So I’m turning to my trusty sidekick photoshop and to all of you! I’ve whipped up some possible makeover options for you to peruse and tell me which one you like best! So let’s get this party started!

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