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Once Upon a Halloween…


In celebration of All Hallow’s Eve, I decided to dig up some old photos of Halloweens gone by!

My brother, Jordan, as a tiger; my sister, Moriah, as a ballerina; me as a clown. Don’t be fooled, Moriah wasn’t trying to be sweet and hold my hand… she is trying to steal my candy!
{Circa 1988}

This was probably my favorite Halloween costume ever. Yes, it is the same costume my sister wore 4 years prior, but I think I pulled it off so much better, don’t you? 😉
{Circa 1992}

This year I went as a beauty pagent winner: Miss Ultoe. {Get it? Mistletoe? Ha! No? Ok.} And my darling friend, Jen, is going to kill me for sharing this picture! She went as “NOT a Morning Person”.
{Circa 2001… I think}

While not a Halloween picture, it is a great one of me and my family following one of our favorite and longest running fall traditions: apple picking. Plus, I was missing a picture with my littlest brother, Isaac! {Are you loving the 90’s style as much as I am!?}

I remember trick or treating in sunshine, rain, and sometimes even snow! {Ahhh, Chicago weather} And after all the trick or treating, my siblings and I would sprawl out on the floor and sort our candy, trading our least favorites for our favorites. I always traded my fruity candies for something more chocolate-y! And looking back, I’m sure that after we were put to bed, my parents enjoyed their own bit of candy! Afterall, they had to impose a “candy tax”!

I hope you are all having a fantastic day so far! Are you spending your evening taking some little ones trick or treating, dressing up yourself, or waiting by the door to hand out candy to those adorable little kiddos {and some slightly awkward too old kiddos}?

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11 thoughts on “Once Upon a Halloween…

  1. HAHA! I love this! Although I would whoop if you shared a picture of me from the 80’s or 90’s… remind me to never give you one! Miss Ultoe is just awesome. You’re my favorite person ever 🙂

  2. Yes Dad was the one to think of imposing the candy tax. I of course didn’t have a better idea how to get candy out of you kids so greedily went along with it. You can be sure that Dad had knowledge where you kids “hid” your stash and would visit it to make sure nothing was out of place. I remember on the cold nights you kids would head out and do half of the “big block” then head back home and get warm then head out to do the other half of the “big block”. It was great living in the cal-de-sac and having all the other streets surround us.

  3. I miss you guys. I miss those days. I miss your candy stash that at 3:45 p.m. we were allowed 3 pieces of candy. Or was it 2? I don’t remember but I thought it was funny that the snack cabinet was so organized and labeled. I love your mom.

    I also love the bangs on you and moriah! I had the same ones! Maybe because our moms were best friends.

    At any rate, you do wear the costume better than Moriah. Also we were awful to you for so many years and I’m sure Moriah was stealing your candy. I’m glad that’s over with and that we can share now.

      • I’ve been thinking about it for some time. I finally updated my banner though! Go see!
        I love the flags (not sure the proper term). That’s so YOU. LOVE it!I definitely think wordpress blogs are a bit more attractive to look at, if you know what I mean.

  4. I was scrolling through the linky party at Sundae Scoop and stopped dead in my tracks (scoll?) at the picture of you as the ballerina. It looks just like me at that age!