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Navy + Blush + Gold Master Bedroom Inspiration

Navy + Blush + Gold Master Bedroom Inspiration

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Remember last February when I shared my plans for our master bedroom? Let’s just say that it is a good thing that we haven’t gotten anywhere with that plan because I’ve changed my mind already. I guess it makes me feel better that I made up that initial inspiration before we moved into our house. I now PROUDLY present my navy + blush + gold master bedroom inspiration!

I’ve got to be honest… this has been in the works for a long time. Like a really long time. Let’s go on a journey, shall we? A journey through my crazy brain over the past year and how I got to this beautiful inspiration board.

January 2013 I was seriously loving the idea of a gray and yellow bedroom. I was all aboard the gray and yellow choo-choo train for about 4 months. But then we moved into our new house. And then I started second guessing myself. Was I going to love it in the long run? Would I want to change it in a year? What do I even like!?!?! I mean, I love to DIY but I have plenty of rooms that need decorating without redoing the same room multiple times. Soooo, the master bedroom makeover was put on hold. I had no clue what I liked or what I wanted. And I’m not the “let’s just wing it” type. I need to have a vision and plan before I jump in. Because I had no idea where to start, I did nothing until about August. That’s when I started pinning anything and everything that caught my eye on Pinterest.

Master Bedroom Colors

Then I made another mistake. September rolled around and I was eager to get rid of my caramel colored walls and get rolling on the new look for our master. I decided to go with a beautiful spa blue/green color on the walls. And that was as far as my thinking went. Yeah. I know. My bad. I wanted to go with the gorgeous Palladian Blue from Benjamin Moore but I am cheap so I got it color matched in a Behr color. Again. My bad. The blue/green color was not as much blue and A LOT more green. It is still a pretty green color but definitely not the color it was intended to be. Discouraged, I stalled again. Queue the sound effects! WOMP WOOOOMP.

It has taken me the past 5 months to really nail down what it is that I like. It kept changing! But time and time again it came down to an upholstered headboard, a navy-ish charcoal color, and white bedding. But I was still struggling to see the whole picture. So me and my computer bestie (aka photoshop) started putting it all together in an inspiration board!

That’s when it all started to come together. I absolutely love my new plan. And what is great is that I feel less and less like it is trendy and much more “me”. And ultimately, isn’t that what we want in our homes?

To sum up all my crazy ramblings, here are my tips for how you should discover your style. (Do as I say, not as I act).

Tips for discovering your style:

  1. Head to Pinterest and create a board for the room you want to get working on.
  2. Start pinning anything and everything that catches your eye. It can be flowers, a color palette, a bathroom, pillows, a light fixture. Whatever. If it is something you like for your room, pin it.
  3. After you have a good number of pins, go back and look for patterns. Did you like dark wood? A certain color?
  4. Put together an inspiration board, gathering all the elements you like in one place.
  5. Step back and see if you love it! Not sure about one aspect on your inspiration board, switch it out!
  6. Get going on your schmancy new room!

Do you know what your style is?? Or are you unsure, like I was. Tell me I’m not the only one to stall out!!