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My Blogging Resolutions

I’m not much of a resolution person. In fact, I tend to think that resolutions are just goals waiting to be broken. At least with my resolutions. But maybe my resolutions are just aiming too high {I guess it is nearly impossible for me to go cold turkey on ice cream ;)}. So most years I just don’t even bother making a list of resolutions! But this year I decided to give resolutions another shot… but this time… blogging resolutions!

I’m so bad at posting on Instagram! I’ve had it for months and I’ve only posted 9 pictures! How awful is that!? I really want to become more active and share more of my world with all of you! I’m challenging myself to post at least 2 pictures a week on Instagram! If you want to follow along you can find me here or find me with my username LovePomHouse!

I’m an organization freak. I get really excited when someone gives me the opportunity to help them organize! And while I love to organize, I never really learned how to organize when it comes to blogging. There have been many times when I’ve been scrambling to finish a post the day before I want to post it. I’ve been slowly learning and I want to become even better at organizing my time and planning my posts!

I’ve got a secret to share with all of you. I don’t own a DSLR camera. I shoot all of my pictures with a point-and-shoot camera. I’ve learned many techniques to get the best shots I can with my PNS. But I feel like I’ve plateaued. There is only so much you can do with a PNS. I’m hoping that this is the year that I can get a DSLR camera! Whether I have my PNS or I get a DSLR, I want to learn to become a better photographer. I want to learn how to use light and how to stage photos better.

I started {LPH} as a way to share all my craftiness and DIY projects with my family and friends who were all the way across the country. It was remarkable to me when others started finding this little blog. And over the past 6 months, my blog baby has continued to grow at a remarkable pace! And it is thanks to all of you that {LPH} is doing so well!

Part one of growing {LPH} is turning it into a business. I plan to make it official and turn {LPH} into a legal business. I’ve been slowly changing my mindset that my blog baby is turning into my very own business! I hope to take the legal steps to make {LPH} a business very soon.

Part two of growing {LPH} has already started happening. I have opened {LPH} up to sponsors and advertisers. And I know that seeing ads on a site can be a little distracting and sometimes even a little disappointing when they first appear. So I wanted to give you all a little explanation as to why I’ve taken this step.

I truly believe that accepting ads will only improve {LPH}. By accepting ads I can continue to do the DIY projects and Crafts that you love! I work on a pretty modest budget and by accepting sponsors and ads, it will alleviate a little bit of the financing of those projects. And not only will it help finance those projects but it also gives me time to continue to make {LPH} prettier and easier to navigate! And I pinky promise that I will be super picky and only accept sponsorships from companies I truly believe in! I also promise to be upfront and honest about sponsored posts and projects! Another perk of accepting sponsorships means I can do more giveaways for all of you too! Yippee for free stuff! I absolutely love working on the blog and I’m excited that I’ll be able work on it even more with these changes.

All that being said, I would love to offer all of you the opportunity to advertise on {LPH}. If you {or someone you know} have a blog, Etsy shop, or business, I want to offer a 10% discount on all ad spaces on {LPH}. Just go check out my Advertise Page and use the promo code LPH10 when checking out! Just to say “thanks” to all of my fantastic readers!

Now that I’ve shared some of my New Year’s resolutions, what are some of yours? Blogging or otherwise?


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6 thoughts on “My Blogging Resolutions

  1. I’m feeling the same way! I just printed out a blog planner, and am actually slightly ahead in the planning game right now. Shocking. Well, best of luck to you this year, and hopefully, we can take the journey together!

  2. I keep writing last minute posts too! It’s a really bad habit to get into. I’m hoping to be able to get a little ahead this weekend – we’ll see!
    Congratulations on your business plan! I’m excited to see where LPH goes in the future.

  3. Love your resolutions. Mine include growing my little almost 4 month old blogging baby too. So overwhelming and exciting too! Dreaming of the day that the blog is my job! Planning to follow along on your journey to help with mine. Best of luck!

  4. I share many, no wait, all of the same goals. I’m so glad to have the talents and passion God has given me and I am excited to see what He does this year!