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Master Bedroom Inspiration

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Many of you have noticed, others of you may not have, but I have never shared any pictures of our master bedroom {am I allowed to still call it that when we live in a 1 bedroom apartment??}. I have never wanted to show it to you guys because I hate the look and feel of our bedroom. It is nowhere close to what I want it to be!

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board

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But I do have a plan! I want to revamp our bedroom. I created this inspiration board over at an awesome new site called The Inspiration Board that was launched this week by my dear friend Jamielyn from IheartNaptime {more on that in a second} to share with all of you my master bedroom inspiration. Give me gray walls and white bedding with tons of pillows! Think rustic meets soft. Geometric meets organic patterns. Sigh. I’m in love!

Back to our current bedroom. This is what it currently looks like.

Master Bedroom Inspiration

I realize that our room is not nearly as bad as it could be. And there are aspects of this room that I love! I love our sleigh bed and side tables and I love my 100+ year old dresser and mirror {though it seriously needs some updating!}. But we have a mis-mash of quality furniture and cheap crappy furniture. You know the crappy kind you buy in college to just “make it through”?? Yeah, we’ve got some of that. And there are a total  of 5 different wood tones ranging from blonde to espresso. It kinda drives me nuts that there is no cohesiveness!

Our bedroom functions as a library, office, storage, and bedroom. Oh the joys of living in a tiny apartment. But I’ve sucked up my pride and decided to share our room with you. Unfortunately, living in a 1 bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor of an apartment building with minimal outdoor space is not conducive to things like painting a 100-year old dresser. I’ve made minor tweaks {here} and have slowly added a few things to help me bear to live in this room until we move again and I can DIY like crazy! But hopefully soon I will have more projects to show you as I start to transform our room into the tranquil sanctuary I dream of!

Back to my inspiration board above, I created it using Jamielyn’s newly launched site called The Inspiration Board! It is a really awesome tool that allows you to create your very own inspiration boards! You upload your pictures and then you can pick different fun frames, patterned backgrounds and even those adorable little tags and washi tape strips to embellish your board! And it is totally free! It really is a brilliant tool! And as treat for the launch of her new site, Jamielyn is holding an awesome giveaway this week only where you have the chances to win 5 AH-mazing huge prizes! You can check it out here!

Now that you’ve seen the space in my home that I hate what space do you wish you could makeover in your house??