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Light Bulb Vases

I’m a big fan of finding cheap ways to make my house pretty {duh, Talitha/Captain Obvious! You made a blog about it!}. One of the big ways of doing that is taking something simple and ordinary and finding a new way to use it! Reinvention is a spectacular thing!

Introducing light bulb vases! I do not claim the idea as my own, but I did figure out how to make them on my own. And they are oh so pretty! And adorable. And a great conversational piece! To this day, it is one of the hubby’s favorite projects that I have done.

Luckily, most of the supplies you will probably already have in your home!

  • A clear glass lightbulb
  • Hammer
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Fishing Line
  • Protective glasses {Remember, safety first! You are working with sharp glass!}

Here is your anatomy lesson for the day! Anatomy of a light bulb, that is. Well, for my intents and purposes. There are more technical names but I don’t want to keep calling things the electrical contact tip.

Begin by using your pliers to peel back the metal tip. It can take a little bit of work but if you grab both sides and squeeze together and upward, the tip normally comes up pretty easily.

Remember that the black part you see if actually black glass so be careful. It’s okay if it chips or even cracks  but just be careful since I don’t want you to get hurt!

Peel off the metal tip completely. You can see that my black glass is chipped. That’s fine because the next step we will be chipping it even more!

Now gently, but firmly, tap the black glass with your hammer so that it cracks. Don’t be surprised by how hard it is. It is much thicker than the glass of the bulb. You want to be gently mostly so you don’t break the bulb.

Use your pliers to pull the black glass out. You may need to put the tip of the pliers into the small hole where the metal tip was anchored  in order to get below the black glass. Or, if you are lucky, your black glass will fall right out!

Looking inside you can see that the filament is attached to the base with more glass.

Tap your pliers inside firmly, but carefully, until the filament breaks away from the base.

You will now have a hole where the filament used to be attached.

Using your pliers again, you can easily break away that glass.

Turn your light bulb upside down and shake it until your filament begins to fall out the base. Be careful because glass will fall out too.

Grab the end of the filament {be careful! It’s glass with a sharp edge!} and pull it out of the base.

Almost there! Now just tie your fishing line around the base of your bulb and you are done!

Beautiful light bulb vases! Don’t they look fantastic? You could put them just about anywhere. Too bad I don’t have a tree {stupid third floor apartment with no tree in it. Pshhh!} or I would hang them there. So instead my vases live in front of my kitchen sink.

You can do both small and large light bulb sizes. Makes no difference! I absolutely love them. They bring a bit of whimsy to my otherwise cookie cutter apartment.

Where would you guys put them??

**Tip: If filling your vases with silk flowers {like I did}, paint the exposed metal rod exposed at the base with some clear nail polish. Otherwise, while sitting in the water, they will begin to rust and make rust spots on your pretty vases! Then you will have to make more. Like me.