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How-To: Install Cabinet Drawer Pulls

Hi guys!! Hi! How was your weekend? Our was very busy and also low key. The pup got spayed on Friday so we tried to keep thing calm to allow her time to heal. But you know me, I had to sneak a DIY or 3 in when I could! 😉

How-to: Install Cabinet Drawer Pulls

Anywho, last week you saw our gorgeous new cabinet door knobs. Now I’m finally getting around to sharing how to install cabinet drawer pulls. Let me start by saying that I expected installing drawer pulls on to be just as easy as door knobs. Sure, there is an extra hole needed and make sure it is level, but come on… how hard can it be? That phrase is the kiss of death for DIYs, isn’t it? Installing cabinet drawer pulls isn’t hard… it can  just go wrong if you don’t do it correctly. Don’t ask me how I know. 😉

How-to: Install Cabinet Drawer Pulls

So, last I shared, the doors have knobs but the drawers are still lacking. Then I found these awesome cup pulls that matched the knobs perfectly. Score! Raise your hand if Amazon is your bestie!! #raisesbothhandslikeanerd

How-to: Install Cabinet Drawer Pulls

Start off by removing your drawer and emptying its contents. Notice those screws on inside front of the drawer? The ones holding the drawer front to the drawer box? Remove them. Be warned, the back side of the drawer front may have a bunch of grossness. You’re welcome for not sharing that picture!

Note: I had to remove the drawer front because the screws for the pulls were not long enough to go all the way through both the drawer front and drawer box.

How-to: Install Cabinet Drawer Pulls

Measure the length and width of your drawer. Mark the middle point of both length and width, creating a little plus sign.

How-to: Install Cabinet Drawer Pulls

Now… here is where it is key. USE A HARDWARE INSTALLATION TEMPLATE. I repeat. Leave your home and go to a home improvement store and buy a template. That is what we my friend had to do after trying to use my her own homemade template and then having to use wood filler to fix the wonkiness.

Back to the template. Line up the mark you made with the center vertical line of template. Mine just so happened to be where a hole is, but yours might not be. That doesn’t really matter. Place your pull on top of the template and line it up with the nearest holes to your mark, trying to make the mark be centered under your pull. Luckily, most pulls are standard sizes, making this template a lifesaver.

How-to: Install Cabinet Drawer Pulls

Using a pencil, trace the holes that lined up with your pull.

How-to: Install Cabinet Drawer Pulls

Drill through both holes. Note: make sure you don’t drill into  your 100 year old dining room table. That would be sad.

How-to: Install Cabinet Drawer Pulls

Screw in the screws until they are just barely through the front. Line up your pull with the screws and screw them in the rest of the way.

How-to: Install Cabinet Drawer Pulls

When your pull is on the drawer front, screw the front back onto the drawer box.

How-to: Install Cabinet Drawer Pulls

Yay!!! Now your drawers have pulls! And my kitchen has been hardware-ified! Woo! I gotta say, I love how our kitchen is coming along. Just a reminder, here is how it looked before we started any work:

Kitchen Reno (Part 1) - Painting and Raising the Cabinets

Baby steps. Someday soon we hope to replace the floors and then the countertops. That will make the real difference!

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2 thoughts on “How-To: Install Cabinet Drawer Pulls

  1. Hello! Thank you for writing this up! We are in the middle of a similar DIY kitchen transformation (and blogging about it) also and we are at a crossroads with how to pull on the drawer pulls…do you just allow for the screwheads to cause a gap between the drawer front and drawer box? And everything still works okay?

    My husband wants to off-center the pulls so there is no gap. I don’t agree. Your post has helped my side of the debate, thank you!
    Patricia recently posted..DIY Kitchen Transformation: Cabinet HardwareMy Profile

  2. Great job on your project. I am having a dilemma that maybe you can help with. We are putting cup pulls on all of our drawers. It looks like you drilled your hole below center to have the pulls end up in the actual center (visually)of your drawers. How did you figure out how far down to go with your marks? Did you just eyeball it? Or have you found any rules for placement…because I am struggling to find anything that shows where the holes should be since that last drawer pulls were just rod types with 3” centered holes….
    Hoping you can assist from your experience.
    Thanks in advance!