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How-To: Install Cabinet Door Knobs

How-To: Install Cabinet Door Knobs

What WHAAT!? The cabinets are getting all prettified! That is Talitha-speak for we installed the hardware on the kitchen cabinets! Woo! Wait… is it weird that I’m so excited for this? I liken cabinet hardware to wearing earrings. It takes me forever to pick them out, but once I do, wow! What a difference! Today we are just going to take on hardware part 1: how-to install cabinet door knobs.

FYI, the only reason why I’m breaking the hardware installation into two separate posts is because the drawers were a bit more involved than the cabinet doors. I think I have about 10 pictures for that post? And, in all my benevolent kindness, I didn’t want to bombard you guys with a 10 million picture long post. You’re welcome.

Kitchen Reno (Part 2) - Shelfing It Up

Anywho, here is how you last saw the kitchen. We had painted and raised the cabinets and added a shelf below them. We also had changed out old icky light switches. You may also notice that in this picture, we have already attached the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. That is because I’m a slacker and didn’t take an in between picture… #bloggerfail. Pretend those aren’t there.

How-To: Install Cabinet Door Knobs

In fact,¬†this is more of where we were. Somehow I managed to take these awful night time photos while we were adding the hardware, but I didn’t take a whole-kitchen-post-shelf picture. Whatevs. I blame the hubby. His pretty-ness distracted me.

How-To: Install Cabinet Door Knobs

Down to business. Start by choosing your cabinet hardware (duh). We used these. We wanted the knobs 1.25-inches in and up from the corner of the cabinet doors. So, using a tape measure, we made a little mark at that point on the inside of the cabinet door.

How-To: Install Cabinet Door Knobs

Don’t forget to put a little piece of painter’s tape on the opposite side of the door. This helps ensure that your finish doesn’t crack or chip when you drill through the door.

How-To: Install Cabinet Door Knobs

Using a drill bit that is about the same size as your knob’s screw, drill through your door at the point you marked on the back of the door. Make sure to hold your drill as level as you can!

How-To: Install Cabinet Door Knobs

Once your hole is drilled, start screwing your screw in. You want the drill hole to be large enough that it isn’t too hard to screw your screw in, but not so large that the screw pushes right through and wiggles around a bit. That would result in a wiggly knob. And who wants wiggly knobs?? (Shut up, dirty mind!!)

How-To: Install Cabinet Door Knobs

Voila! And now you have pretty new knobs on your cabinets! Bonus points if you measured correctly and they look level!! See? Wasn’t that easy!? Like I said, earrings of your cabinets, amiright? Coming up later this week, how-to install cabinet drawer pulls.

Listy time!

  • Paint upper and lower cabinets
  • Raise upper cabinets
  • Add a shelf below cabinets
  • Add decorative shelves to the left of cabinets
  • Level tops of cabinets and add crown molding
  • Replace cabinet doors??
  • Replace countertops & sink
  • Add tile backsplash
  • Replace appliances with stainless steel appliances
  • Lower breakfast bar (it is currently 4 inches taller than a normal breakfast bar, resulting in zero stools being the correct height)
  • Add hardware to doors/drawers
  • Build a kitchen island??


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2 thoughts on “How-To: Install Cabinet Door Knobs

  1. What pretty earrings. The cabinets look so much better. White is now white and not various degrees of “white’. I can’t wait to see them in person.

  2. They look great! Thanks for the link. I would be happy to use those in my kitchen redo.
    Also, whenever I read lists I pull a Monica and Ross – “CHECK!”