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How I Spent My Winter Vacation…

How I Spent My Winter Vacation...

I’ve had a very eventful past week! I don’t often share all the ins-and-outs of my life but sometimes I just feel like I need to. After all, this blog is also my place to vent and share! So here we go! Some of you may remember on Friday when I said on Facebook that I was headed up to the mountains for the weekend. About an hour and a half after that post, this happened. Yes, that is a large charter bus flipped on its side.

The hubby and I were travelling with 37 other people up to a winter camp retreat with our youth group in a charter bus when we began to round a turn on a snow-packed mountain road. The front right tire hit some soft snow and the bus began to tip. I swear it happened in slow motion. The bus flopped down the 10-foot embankment onto the passenger side and we all fell.

I was sitting 3 rows from the back of the bus on the passenger side and I smacked my head really hard on the window and four nearby students fell from one side of the bus to the the passenger side, landing on top of me. {In all honesty, I’m am truly glad that I was able to cushion their fall because some of their injuries could have been worse if I hadn’t played the roll of pillow.} After untangling myself from the mass of students and being trapped in my now-sideways seat, I started to untangle the students. My brain went into immediate “nurse mode”. I popped the emergency roof hatch and started helping kids out of the bus.

Once all the students were out, I crawled out the hatch myself and swam through the snow. I say swam because it was 4 feet deep… another blessing. Other leaders had kicked out the windshield {you can see that in the first picture} and helped kids out that way while others popped the now-skyward emergency windows {seen best in the 2nd picture} and crawled out that way. All of us gathered on the road {you can see us in front of the white SUV in the above picture} and I immediately began doing triage. The first car to come up behind us was the other nurse who was going to be a medic with me at camp that weekend! Many of the other churches that were going to the same camp were not far behind us as well and were able to help transport people to safety and off of the road.

How I Spent My Winter Vacation...

After making our way up the final 0.2 miles up to the camp {yes… we were that close}, the other medic on duty for the weekend helped me do a slightly more thorough triage of all of the kids. Once everyone else was checked out I let her check me out. That’s when my spinning head and slurred words were noticed. Nine of us {including me and the hubby} were shipped back down the mountain to the local ER. The hubby fell from the driver’s side all the way down to the passengers side, landing on his back on the closed window. He was strapped to a back board and in a neck brace for about four hours. Once x-rays came back that his back wasn’t fractured, he was allowed to get up. Due to my neck pain and head trauma, I was put in a neck brace as well. I refused the back board {I had been walking around for about 4 hours already, afterall!}. As we sat and my adrenaline high started to drop off, intense pain in my left shoulder and hip started to set in. X-rays were done on my neck, shoulder and hip and no broken bones were found… Praise GOD! I was diagnosed with a bad concussion, a sprained shoulder, and a smashed up hip. Seven hours after we arrived, all 9 of us were released from the hospital.

How I Spent My Winter Vacation...

I’m still in a sling for my shoulder and I still occasionally get dizzy. I swear I can’t spell at all since the accident. {Wait… you mean buss isn’t spelled with 2 s’???} The most pain I’m in is still with my hip, but who needs one of those anyways!? 😉

All-in-all, while we had a very rough start to our weekend, God showed us His goodness throughout all of it!! Here are just a few of the blessings He lavished upon us…

  1. We were on a part of the mountain that didn’t have a sheer cliff/drop off on the side of the road we crashed.
  2. There was 4 feet of snow to help cushion the fall of the bus.
  3. There were only minor injuries and no broken bones.
  4. There were people not far behind us who were able to help!
  5. The whole thing brought us all closer together as a youth group.
  6. Most of the students decided to stay up at camp and were spiritually stretched in great ways!
  7. We all made it safely back down the mountain… that was a nerve-racking drive!!

So I’ll be a little MIA for the next week or so, taking my time mending my injuries. You’d be surprised how hard it is to us a glue gun with a sprained shoulder! But I’ll be back to it before you know it!


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18 thoughts on “How I Spent My Winter Vacation…

  1. OH! Talitha! That’s so scary! But I’m glad to hear that God uses this accident as a way to stretch you and the students. And Im glad you’re going to be okay. 🙂 Take it easy, girl. No more injuries for you for a while. (Stay away from sharp objects and table legs…Scratch that. Wrap yourself in thick bubble wrap and proceed throughout your week.)

  2. So glad you guys are all okay!!! Praying for your “minor injuries” to heal quickly as I know even those can be a pain in the neck…or hip…or shoulder. Love you T!

  3. I think the fact that you are a naturally clumsy and accident-prone person made the whole bus tip over. Maybe you should think of others before you travel with them Talitha. Better yet, maybe I need to reconsider our summer vacationing plans…

    • I didn’t realize you were so old and bitter! Maybe we need to reconsider our summer vacation plans because your walker won’t fit in the car.

  4. My, my, my . . . if you aren’t your daddy’s little girl! This so totally sounds like something that would have happened to him. So very thankful that you’re seeing God’s hand in all of it.

  5. God works in mysterious ways…I’m thankful no one was injured beyond repair. It sounds like it was a weekend of blessings after all, even though it got off to a rough start. I hope you are pain free, soon. I’ll pray for you.

  6. WOW, I’m so glad to hear that you all are ok!! I’ll be praying for a speedy recovery, and rejoicing that God protected you all!! (I’m following you from Estes Park.)

  7. I am so sorry to read about your accident. Thank the Lord for your safety and the safety of the entire group. I will add you to my prayer list for healing and recovery. I know that God must be pleased with your list of praises for all He has provided during this time, making sure you and your group were safe throughout the entire experience. We are never ever alone no matter what happens to us God always walks beside us and with us through every experience and I’m so glad He was with you. God Bless You and get well soon.

  8. Talitha I hope your healing is getting better by the day. Thank God for the location of the accident, people not far behind and no serious injuries. So scary.

  9. Talitha, I am so sorry about this accident, and I am praying that everyone is on the road to recovery. I was so pleased that you could see the blessings and all the things you have to be grateful for. My husband, who is 83, had a major stroke 5 months ago, he has dementia and congestive heart failure, and will be in a nursing facility for the remainder of his life. One thing that I think has helped maintain my sanity during this time is remembering all the things I have to be grateful for: my car, my health, the support of so many friends and neighbors, and much, much more.
    God bless all of you!