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House Tour {Part 1}

You asked for a house tour and I’m here to deliver! We’ve been in our new house for a little less than 2 weeks and we are mostly unpacked. At least unpacked in the sense that there are few boxes left full of stuff. Not unpacked in the sense that I like where everything is placed. But it is getting there! So I took a little time earlier this week to take pictures of the new digs. Welcome to this virtual episode of Cribs… LPH style!

House Tour {Part 1}

Our new home is an adorable 2000 sq ft, creamy beige ranch with a forest green front door and shutters. The inside was pretty well maintained but the outside has been neglected for years… as you can see by our super awesome grass in the front yard coughsarcasmcough. My mom and I spent 4 days in our yard just weeding, trimming over grown bushes, and getting rid of 6+ inches of dead leaves. That left us with 15 giant yard waste bags filled with debris. Despite the rough landscaping and some not-so-welcome tenants, this yard has a ton of potential!

House Tour {Part 1}

And because I’m a little OCD, I spent a little time creating the floor plans of our home on {it’s free!} so you could better understand my crazy ramblings. Plus I thought it would be fun and could help me figure out room layouts better in the future! For this installment of Cribs – LPH Style, I’m only going to cover the main living space, highlighted in the green on plans. Part 2 should be airing on Monday. 😉

Also… just a little forewarning… I took these pictures without cleaning up a single thing in our home. It is kinda a mess. Ignore the piles of boxes and junk and our dinky small furniture and try to see the bones of the room. I would have taken pictures before the movers came but the place was so filthy, I didn’t want to make you all gag.


House Tour {Part 1}

Oooo…. ahhhh. Welcome to Chez LPH! Take your shoes off. Get comfortable. Come sit on our insanely uncomfortable couch. Put your feet up on the slightly-too-tall-for-the-couch ottoman. Please ignore our lovely laminate floors {which really are nice} that are installed incorrectly with all the seams creating a nice line.  This picture is taken with my back to the front door looking into the living room. What is great about this space is the 14-foot, vaulted ceilings. Love them. But they are a BEAST to paint. That breakfast bar is also awesome! I love that this room looks into the kitchen and creates a “great room” effect!

House Tour {Part 1}

Oop! Now I’m standing over in the pile of boxes you saw a second ago, looking back toward the front door. I freaking LOVE the light in this house! I can’t even stand it! It seems especially great when you came from a tiny, 1-bedroom apartment with a grand total of 2 windows that faced the same direction. Now I’m all, “Hello beautiful sunshine!”

Note: that green door is GOING! I’ve always dreamed of living in a house with a red door. So red door, here we come… someday…. when I have time. Along with the green paint, that door knocker is going too. Mostly because it is a lovely brassy gold that is engraved with the previous owner’s name.

House Tour {Part 1}

Aaannnnddd there it is. My pile of junk. Boxes waiting to go to the basement or to the trash. And no, I didn’t go through a giant box of tequila to get that alcohol box. {Tip: If you are moving, go to your local alcohol store and ask for boxes! These boxes are great for packing vases and glasses!} Ok. Ignore the junk. Notice the adorable little entry nook?? I have big plans for that space! I can’t wait to start working on it! Also notice the door frame behind the open front door. That doorway leads to the stairs to the basement.

House Tour {Part 1}

Now I turned 180 degrees and I’m looking into the kitchen/dining room! You can see the breakfast bar jutting into the picture on the left side. I realize that this kitchen isn’t huge but I still love it! There is soooo much more space than our apartment. Plus it has a pantry!! You can’t see it yet but it is on that wall on the right side of the picture. Can I also get an AMEN for a gas stove!? I’ve been cooking on an electric for 1.5 years and I am thrilled to be back to gas! Plus, I have outside space now! I have a backyard! I call it more of a rock garden, right now. But I can sit outside! YAY!

Note: the laminate floors are in terrible condition. Gouges, stains, tears, drill marks {what!?}, paint splatters. You name it. The floors have it. They desperately need to be replaced. Note again: Bead board was the go to “fix it” for these people. You will find it lining the cabinets, backsplash, hallway, 1 bathroom, closets, and even a bathtub. Yes. A bathtub. Don’t get me wrong. I love bead board as much as the next person. But this is a little bit of overkill. Plus, almost all of it is improperly installed.  Note one more time: I know you can’t really tell in this picture but the cabinet doors and the frames do not match… like at all. One is white and one is a creamy yellow-white. See the trim on the beadboard on the right of the picture?? It matches as well as that trim and bead board. Painting will be done in the nearish future. As well as some other awesome things. 😉

House Tour {Part 1}

And now the dining room. First of all, my 100+ year old, solid mahogany table looks yellow. It isn’t. It is a gorgeous red color. Second, my grandmother’s hutch fits perfectly in that corner! Third, I have way too much kitchen stuff and it doesn’t all fit yet so we just shoved things on top of the hutch.

House Tour {Part 1}

Ooooo! Ahhh! A pantry! I love having a pantry! It lies on the wall between the hallway and the dining room, across from the fridge. Yay for a place to store my food!

Note: The wire shelves are about 8-inches deep and could be 12-inches deep. I hope to remedy that too. Can you see the list I am already making?? Note again: I have no clue where to put my coffee filters. That is why they are just sitting there on top of my coffee pot like a weird little coffee filter hat.

House Tour {Part 1}

And finally, the view of the hallway and laundry room closet from my kitchen. At first I didn’t like that the laundry was in the kitchen but now I kinda do. It is super convenient for switching loads and folding laundry! After all, I spend most of my time in the kitchen anyways! It is really nice that the closet is deep and has loads of of potential! {HA! Get it!? Loads!? As in loads of laundry!? *crickets* Nevermind.}

Note: Our home has a sort of flooring schizophrenia. Laminate here, linoleum there, real hardwood there, a splash of carpet, and a handful of peel-and-stick tiles. It makes it a little awkward. Also note: Now you can really see the difference in color between the bead board and the trim.

It really is a great home and we are so excited to get to work on it! In fact, we already have! More of that coming soon! It has so much potential and we can’t make to transform it into a place that feels more like “us”!

So?? What do you think so far!? Are you dying to see part 2?? What questions do you have about our new home??


P.S. Part 2 of the house tour is up and running! Check it out here!

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27 thoughts on “House Tour {Part 1}

  1. So cute Talitha! You get so much light in this house! I’m a sucker for natural lighting and I actually told Dean that I never really liked our last apartment because it wasn’t sunny enough haha
    Jenn recently posted..Catch Up- Part DeuxMy Profile

  2. Yes I’m absolutely looking forward to part 2!! I loved your cribs tour. Better answer your phone because MTV’s gonna call soon! 🙂

  3. FINALLY! I love your place, especially with all of the natural light. You are loser with your floor plans, but I am loser too and I pinned the site. When I saw Grandma’s hutch in that corner I also thought it fit perfectly, like it was meant to be in the this house. So many wonderful things about your place! Can’t wait to see the next part!

  4. You have a laundry closet; so do we! Your’s is nicer… Love the light from the windows! Are you going to make curtains?

    • Thank you so much! I have big plans for that laundry closet! I’m going to make it GORGEOUS! 😉 I bought some curtains for the front window because I’m not a big fan of living in a fishbowl but I’m going to make some for the other rooms!

  5. Hi Talitha! I’m trying to figure out why I enjoy your new house journey so much. Your happiness is somewhat contagious to be sure. Can’t wait to see more of what’s happening in your new house. Just one question…what’s behind the pantry opening? I just looked at your floor plan and it looks like the guest room might be there. I’m thinking a walk in pantry would be so nice. I finally have one and everything goes in there. All neatly placed of course. Someday could you spare taking some guest room space and extend that wall out to enlarge your pantry? Happiness always to you and family. Jackie

  6. Soooooooo jealous of all that natural light! I think I will have to ship all my projects to you for you to photograph 😉 Such a cute house with so much potential, can’t wait to see all the transformations! Oh and the little nook by the front door, love! I want one of those!
    Britni recently posted..DIY Flower Earrings + PrintableMy Profile

  7. I love it, one of me & my grand daughters favorite things to do is “peeping” into vacant houses to see the layouts & get ideas. This is better than peeping I’m inside your home!

  8. Yay! Congratulations on your home! Where exactly is the laundry room located in your kitchen?? My pantry has that wire shelving too and I really despise it. I want to change it out and make it wood shelving. It will be a really quick fix, we just haven’t gotten around to it in the two years we’ve lived in our first home – ha! Anyway, congratulations again and good luck with all of your renovations and updates!
    Runt recently posted..Mailbox Flower Bed – DONEMy Profile

  9. Love your house! 🙂

    I keep my coffee filters in a Tupperware container that is just the right size. It lives in the cabinet above the coffee maker w/the coffee, sugar bowl, sweetner and mugs.

  10. I’ve been in my house going on 2 years and I still find things the previous owners did that make me scratch my head… but there is so much excitement in undoing the weird things and making it your house! Have fun, its beautiful!
    krista recently posted..Garden Bench MakeoverMy Profile