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Homemade Vanilla Sugar & Printable Labels

You may remember that during the holiday season I shared a recipe for Homemade Vanilla Extract. After I made all of my extract I still had some beans left over. Immediately I began dreaming of vanilla bean ice cream and vanilla bean cupcakes with a vanilla bean buttercream frosting. {Oh excuse me… I just need to wipe some drool off my chin.} But then I happened upon the idea of vanilla sugar! So, of course, being the crafty lady I am, I decided to make my own Homemade Vanilla Sugar! Not only does this work as a great treat for me, but it doubles as a Valentine’s treat to someone “sweet” in my life!

I realize that the idea of vanilla sugar may seem a little luxurious. And… well… it is! You can find it in specialty grocery stores or in high end food boutiques. But it is soooo simple to make some of your own!

Are you ready for the ingredient list? It is pretty extensive. coughsarcasmcough

All you need is granulated sugar and a vanilla bean. I use the ratio of 1 cup of sugar to each vanilla bean. I got my vanilla beans from here.

Begin by splitting your vanilla bean in half. Using the back of your knife, scrape out the vanilla caviar inside the bean. {Vanilla caviar may not be the official name but I like it so I’m going to keep using it.} Once you have scraped out your vanilla bean, put the vanilla caviar in the sugar. {Yes, I realize that the caviar in the vanilla looks like a little present your cat left you. Just ignore the instinct to laugh like a little kid… or, you know, be like me and make that joke on your blog. ;)}

Using a spoon, mix the vanilla caviar into the sugar until all large clumps are broken up. Now don’t throw away that emptied vanilla bean pod! Cut it up and put it into the sugar mixture too! It will keep seeping more flavor into the sugar!

And if you ever wondered what vanilla caviar looks like, this is it. It looks like tiny little granules of vanilla scented deliciousness. It sticks to your fingers but I never feel bad about it since my fingers end up smelling delicious for the day.

Transfer your vanilla sugar into an airtight container. For the most potency, let the vanilla permeate the sugar for 2 weeks, shaking it up once a day. Then open it up, smell the amazing vanilla scent and enjoy!

You may be wondering how to use vanilla sugar. You can use it in anything that calls for sugar or anything you want sweetened that you also want a little extra flavor of vanilla. It’s most common uses are in coffee, iced tea, on fresh fruit, or sprinkled on cookies {think peanut butter cookies or snickerdoodles}!

The great part is that as you use up more vanilla beans, you can throw the emptied pods into your sugar and keep replenishing it. It is such a wonderful treat! In fact, I gave some as a gift over the holidays and then promptly came home and made more for myself! It is so fantastic!

I also wanted to share the labels I created for the vanilla sugar. Just click the link above and download the labels. They measure 2.5×2.5-inches.

I have also had many, many people request the labels I created for my Homemade Vanilla Extract. I finally got around to making a more generic label for all of you! It has blank spots for you to enter your name and how long you have aged the vanilla extract. Just download the labels using the link above!

Have you ever baked with vanilla beans? Have you ever used vanilla sugar?

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27 thoughts on “Homemade Vanilla Sugar & Printable Labels

  1. Love, love the vanilla sugar l got for Christmas! I used to just keep used vanilla beans in my sugar canister. Of you think about it, almost everything you bake with sugar has vanilla in it. Love, Aunt Beverly

  2. I found your blog through Not Just a Housewife. It is so funny I just made vanilla marshmallows and I have a bean left over and me and the hubs was talking about making vanilla sugar. Then I stumbled across your blog. Fate I tell ya. Thanks!

  3. I’ve got to try this! You jars and labels are so cute! In my dream world, everything in my kitchen pantry would be packaged like this. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a great day! Oh, you site is darling!

  4. I have a ? About the beans for the sugar. I just got finished making vanilla extract and have a bunch if beans leftover and would like to try the sugar. My beans are still very moist. Should I let the beans dry out for the sugar or just use them moist? Thanks!

  5. I stumbled on this and have decided to try it! Since I don’t have any of those cool locking jars like you, I am using regular mason jars for canning. I am about to begin my mission, which I have chose to accept, to seek the sweet vanilla caviar… wish me luck! I am hoping it turns out well so I can make little Christmas gifts of them. Will four weeks be too long? At any point, should I remove the cut up bean pod remains? Thank you so much!


    • I was wondering the same thing and just decided to go with an Avery shipping label (8126), it’s the 5.5″ x 8.5″ size (2 to a sheet) and it comes out perfectly with the front/back on two separate labels. I still have to trim the other sides, but it is sticker paper, so I plan to just peel and stick it on the bottles. Hope that helps!

  6. Hello, I tried this recipe to make some great tasting sugar to give as treats for Christmas. By I don’t seem to be having much luck with it. I purchased vanilla beans that were from Madagascar and followed the directions for extracting the vanilla caviar. Mixed it all up and threw in the pieces of vanilla bean pod. I shake and stir the mixture up everyday and my problem is that it does not smell like vanilla at all!! It actually smells pretty bad with just a hint of vanilla. I tried to add a more sugar to the mix and stir it up to see if that would help the smell and not much has changed. Please help me with any suggestions that you may have. Thank you!

    • Hi Jim… I had the same problem. .. I ordered some Madagascar beans and they smelled really bad… so I am going to try some Tahition beans and see if they smell any better… I wonder if others have had this problem?
      Where did you purchase your beans?

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  8. Hi! I’m a first timer here but had to comment… Thank you so much for the recipe and print-out labels! I just received the vanilla beans I ordered and used your website to make vanilla sugar. I can’t wait to give these out on Christmas. I think everyone will really enjoy it!

  9. What labels should I use when i print out your vanilla extract labels? They are so beautiful, i’m excited to use them for gifts this year.

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  11. You weren’t being silly or crazy. I believe the OFFICIAL term for the almost microscopic beans in a vanilla pod IS the caviar, just like for the fish. See, you were right on the money and didn’t know it.