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Homemade Hand Warmers

I am a naturally cold person. My hubby complains year round that I am ice cold. Whenever we sit to watch a movie, I always snuggle up with a blanket… even if it is 110 degrees outside. And worst of all, my hands are always icicles. Now that the weather is getting more fall-like, I am even more prone to chilly hands. So when I saw these adorable little homemade hand warmers over on The Scrap Shoppe, I knew that I would be making them.

Even if you aren’t a naturally cold person there is always Christmas to think about! And I don’t know if all of you are aware of this, but it is 71 days until Christmas. It really is! I counted. You could easily make a couple of these for some of your cold-blooded friends or family!

This is all you need:

  • Felt or fleece {make sure it is not synthetic! That can melt in the microwave}
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Sewing Needle
  • Uncooked Rice

Begin by cutting out whatever shape you want your hand warmers to be. You will need 2 pieces for each hand warmer. Thread your needle with the embroidery thread and sew a running stitch most of the way around.

Notice that I said “most of the way around”? You need to leave a small opening so you can put in your rice. It will take 2-3 tablespoons of rice to fill the hand warmer. {Yes, I realize my measuring spoon is a teaspoon… it was just the right size to fit inside the opening! So if you use a teaspoon, it will take 6-9 teaspoons to fill the hand warmer.}

After the hand warmer is filled with rice, stitch the rest of the way around your shape, sewing it closed. To finish off the thread, tie a double knot and/or a pretty little bow.

Make 2 hand warmers for each set {you know, because most people have 2 hands}.

I also whipped up some tags with instructions on how to warm them.

You can do whatever shape your little heart desires! I’ve made some basic squares, lovely hearts, and even some insanely cute mittens {they are probably my fav}!

And because I am in a generous Christmas spirit {yes, I admit I’ve broken out the Christmas music already… don’t judge me!} I’ve decided to share my little tags with you! Just click on the link above to download them.

Grand total cost? $0.63. That’s right. It was 33 cents for the felt and 30 cents for the embroidery thread. I had the rice on hand. So cute and so simple!

Nurse Tip of the Day: These could also be used for small muscle areas that are feeling sore and tired. Just heat them up and feel the tension melt away.