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Happy Furniture = Multi-Purpose Furniture

(P.S. I almost called this “multi-porpoise furniture” to be silly but I didn’t want you guys to think I only buy furniture if it has dolphins on it. That would be weird. I haven’t done that since my Lisa Frank days.)

In my opinion, furnishing a house can be stressful. I’m a worry wart so I’m always over-thinking my furniture purchases. I don’t want to get a piece that is going to be seen as “trendy” and I’ll hate in a year or two. And I worry that it would be a “one hit wonder”. You know… the kind that you only find one use for and you can only use it in that one way. What if I change my mind? What if I want to move it?

USE #1- Well, as a Bookcase…

Happy Furniture = Multi-Purpose Furniture

So when I actually do get new furniture, I always look for it to be multi-purpose and versatile. I want that baby to be able to hold just about anything and go anywhere! And I want fit with our style. Because if it fits our style, it will go with all the other pieces we love as well. And if it is versatile and fits our style, that piece is in it for the long haul.

Remember my Sauder tall bookcase I showed you a few months ago? It is a perfect example of a multi-purpose piece. We put it in our master bedroom and filled it with books. But then we started our giant replace-ALL-the-floors project and all the books got boxed for the time being. So then it took on a new use…

USE #2 – Craft Storage

Happy Furniture = Multi-Purpose Furniture

Being the crazy DIY-er I am, I still needed access to my craft supplies even when my house is in shambles.

Happy Furniture = Multi-Purpose Furniture

So I put my most used supplies all pretty-like in this gorgeous tall bookcase.

Happy Furniture = Multi-Purpose Furniture

And, of course, by “most used” craft supplies, I mean most of them.

Then, once the craft supplies were able to get out of our master bedroom and put back to their original location, the bookcase got another use…

USE #3 – Extra Closet Space

Happy Furniture = Multi-Purpose Furniture

It is the one it is being used as currently. This use came mostly out of necessity. You see, we ripped out our master closet back in September so we could replace it with not falling apart shelves. But then we stalled out. So this bookcase became our makeshift closet.

Happy Furniture = Multi-Purpose Furniture

Since we didn’t have anything in our closet (except new flooring) the bookcase became our shelving for housing sweaters, jeans, even some spare towels.

Happy Furniture = Multi-Purpose Furniture

Lucky for me, it is gorgeous enough that it almost looks like the kind of display you would find at a retail store. Or at least it can look that way when I fold things nicely and the hubs doesn’t just shove things in each cubby.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with almost all of the pieces of furniture I have acquired for our home. If I stick to finding pieces that are versatile and fit our style, I almost always end up as a happy camper (except I hate camping). And you know what they say… happy camper…. happy………. furniture? I don’t know. But if that furniture came to life all-Disney-like and sang a song, I’m sure it would be about how happy it was that I was happy with it. Right? Aaaand now I’m imagining my furniture singing à la Beauty and the Beast. I have a feeling that the ottoman would be German. Weird.

Interested in other multi-purpose furniture pieces? Check out my Pinterest board.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.

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One thought on “Happy Furniture = Multi-Purpose Furniture

  1. So cute! I love seeing how it can hold so much stuff, especially the sewing machine. Seems like the shelves are a good size. Great ideas!