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Fireplace Mantel Candle-scape

I hope all of you are having a great week! I’m still posting here from Chicago. I am happy to say that my beautiful niece was born and I was able to be there! She is beautiful and healthy! We’ve been having a great time despite the 100+ degree heat and humidity! We definitely didn’t miss the humidity!

Like many of you, I love the idea of candles filling my mantel. But I never really knew how to do it. To help all of those of you who are like I once was, confused and unmotivated and sure that it cost $10 bajillion to buy all those candles, here is how I did it. The easy and cheap way.

My inspiration? Pictures like this:

I love the romance and whimsy of candles on a fireplace mantel. But when you search for candles on a mantel, most of the pictures you will find show you Christmas scenes. It does not have to be so! With a few tweaks and changes this look can be achieved year round!


  • Candles. Lots of candles. Various sizes.
  • Candle holders. You don’t need all candles to have holders.
  • A large print, mirror, window, portrait.
  • Seasonal accessories.

Begin by scrounging around your local thrift stores for candles of varying heights. I choose to go with shades of white and ivory to keep a fresh look that works year round, but you can do any color your heart desires. You can also hit up dollar stores for multi-packs of tealights and votives for practically nothing. You can even visit Ikea and get sets of candles on the cheap!

While you are at these places, also look for candle holders that you like.

I have a cute little tin basket I found at Hobby Lobby eons ago. And for the spring/summer I decided to use some pop of color with my blue mason jars and the Italia poster my siblings gifted to me years ago. And some beautiful silk flowers I had laying around.

Start by putting your large piece in the middle. You could choose a large print, portrait, mirror, or even an old window. These are all a great way to draw attention to your mantel and fireplace. It is a focal point, afterall!

Here comes the fun part. Mix and match. Add depth by putting some candles in front of other ones. Don’t put candles of similar heights next to each other in order to help vary the heights and to add interest.

Try and try again until you have a look you love. There is no way you can go wrong here!

You want to make sure that you balance things out. You don’t have to be symmetrical, but you don’t want to be too heavy on one side. I balanced out the flowers in the galvanized vase with the small tin basket holding more candles on the other side. It allows your eye to have a focus on both sides of print.

Ooooo! Ahhhh! So pretty with all the candles glowing! Even in the middle of the day! 😉

Come Christmas I will probably swap out the Italia poster for a mirror with a wreath on it. The flowers could be replaced with an apothecary jar of scented pine cones. For Halloween, maybe exchange some white candles with some black ones and put up a print of a bat silouhette. And a few mini-pumpkins will definitely have to make an appearance.

Voila! An easy and cheap way to turn your mantel into a beautiful year round candle-scape.

All these candles and candles holders? A grand total of $15. Makes me love it all the more!