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Felt Fortune Cookies

Felt Fortune Cookies

Have you noticed the pink and red theme going on recently on the blog!? Can you tell that I’ve been doing some serious Valentine’s crafting? I guess that is what happens when you don’t have any holiday decorations {except for Christmas} and you are cheap… you make all of your decorations! At least that is what I’m doing. The hubby probably isn’t loving the glitter sticking to his feet and craft supplies scattered in every room. On the docket today is the cutest Felt Fortune Cookies!!!

These are adorable and so simple. Here’s all you need:

  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Wire {the wire I used here is too thin and flimsy. You need a heavier and thicker gauge wire… which I found and bought at Michaels to make this actually work}
  • Ribbon to match your felt
  • Glue Gun

Begin by drawing some circles on your felt. I did some larger 4.5-inch ones {by tracing my tape} and some smaller 3-inch ones. Then cut them out.

Cut a piece of wire slightly shorter than the diameter of your circle {is it sad that I’m impressed with myself for remembering about a diameter?? Way to go 4th grade math!}. Cut a piece of matching ribbon to shorter than the diameter of your circle but slightly longer than the piece of wire. Hot glue the wire along the center of your felt circle and then glue the ribbon on top of the wire to cover it.

Once your glue is dry, fold the circle in half, with the ribbon and wire inside the fold. Then bend the wire backwards, pinching the ends of the wire together.

Voila! A little felt fortune cookie! So adorable, right!? You can make them “true” fortune cookies by writing up your own fortunes and putting them inside!

Or, if you made larger ones like I did, you can even hide some candy in them! It makes for a fantastic treat! I mean, come on… who doesn’t wish that they cracked open a fortune cookie and found chocolate!?

Throw them in a little Chinese takeout box {which you can also find at Michaels for $1} and you’ve got yourself an adorable Valentine’s gift! They make my heart happy.

Now I need to ask a weird question… what do you wish you found if you cracked open a fortune cookie and found something other than a fortune?