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DIY Tufted Ottoman from a Coffee Table

When it comes to coffee tables, I am very unlucky. It all began when I was engaged and searching for furnishings for my future apartment. Being a newbie to decorating, I was searching for a very specific style. Antique Victorian with queen anne’s legs, to be specific. Ha. I couldn’t find just what I wanted anywhere. A year came and went and I was married… and coffee table-less.

Then one day, my dear sister found exactly what I wanted for cheap at a thrift store! She snatched it up for me and I happily brought my beauty home! Less than 5 days later my darling husband and brother were having a guys’ night while I was at work. They put a large pizza on my unfinished coffee table, causing a permanent, huge, white heat mark about the size of Kansas on my gorgeous new table. I tried all sorts of treatments with no hope. So I finally sanded it down to the original wood and attempted to re-stain it. Nope. My NEW stain was bad somehow and refused to soak into my wood and be even in color. I quit. I offered my coffee table to anyone who would have it. I didn’t want it if it wouldn’t look exactly like I wanted. I was so disappointed.

Fast forward another 6 months. I had recovered from my devastation of my Victorian coffee table. I had new-found hope. And this time, I wanted an ottoman. I began looking online at gorgeous tufted ottomans. And I found this beauty.

But this beautiful ottoman costs anywhere from $400-$600. Ouch.

Then I found tutorials on how to make your own from Little Green Notebook and Instructables. Unfortunately, I was SO excited for this project that I did not take a single picture. Not a one. I’m awful. Please forgive me. But I will give you my own version of how I did this. You will just have to look at the pictures from the tutorials if you have any questions.


  1. Coffee table. I found mine on Craigslist for $20. It doesn’t matter how scratched up the top is, just make sure you like the look of the legs!
  2. Paint for the legs.
  3. Two-inch foam. I got mine at Joann’s. Definitely bring a coupon because that stuff is PRICEY!
  4. Quilt Batting.
  5. Spray Adhesive
  6. Fabric. I chose to use a heavy duty cotton which makes it easier to spot clean.
  7. Button Kit. You can find this at any craft store. I highly recommend the metal buttons, not the plastic ones.
  8. Six-inch Upholstery Needle. Again, you can find these at crafts stores. I got mine at Joann’s for about $4.
  9. Fishing line. This was used as thread.
  10. Buttons. Any color, but large enough to fit over your drilled hole. This will help anchor the tuft button to the table.
  11. Staple Gun.
  12. Nail Head Trim (optional)

So here we go. Begin by painting the legs of your coffee table. After the legs are painted, using a tape measure, mark the places that you want your tufts. Once the spots are marked, drill holes through the top of your table.

Place the 2-inch foam on top of your drilled coffee table. Cut with a bread knife or electric carving knife, allowing the foam to extend 1 inch beyond the edges of your table. Use the spray adhesive to adhere the foam to your table.

Now, you need to mark where your holes are on your foam. Turn your table on its side. Poke your 6-inch upholstery needle through one hole and through your foam, use a marker to mark the spot on your foam where your needle pokes out.

In order to have a nice, deep tuft you need to create a hole in your foam. This allows the button to sit deeper, and not just on compacted foam. I used a knife to cut a circle around my marker spots, pulling out the foam and exposing the hole in the table.

Drape your quilt batting over all the foam and over the apron of your coffee table. If it won’t stay in place, use a little spray adhesive. Then drape your fabric over top of the batting. {I apologize for not having pictures of these steps! Check out the tutorials above for pictures.}

Now that you have come so far, you need to make your buttons! Using a little bit of your fabric, make buttons using your button kit. These buttons will be in the center of each of your tufts.

Thread your upholstery needle with fishing line. Make sure you have a long amount of fishing line so that it can go through all that thick foam! Thread your base button onto the fishing line. This button will stay underneath your coffee table and will not be seen. It helps anchor your tuft button.

Poke the needle through the center hole from the bottom of the table to the top, making sure that the fishing line tails are still beneath the table with your anchor button. {It helps to have 10 hands for this part!} Thread a tuft button onto your needle and poke your needle back through all that foam. You should now have both ends of the fishing line beneath the table. Thread the other end of the fishing line through the anchor button. Pull the fishing line taut. This should pull the tuft button closer to the table.

Staple the fishing line in a zig-zag pattern to keep to from slipping back through.

Continue to use buttons to create all your tufts.

Once all your tufts are in place, begin to staple the fabric edges to the underside of the table top. Do this by pulling the fabric tight and then stapling. This will create a rounded edge in your foam. It is okay if the excess fabric is showing on the apron of the table. We will just be covering that part.

Like Abbie on Instructables, I wanted a band along the apron of my coffee table too. To do this, cut 4 lengths of fabric about 2 inches longer than length of the side of your coffee table, and about 3 inches wider. Fold over the top inch along the length of the fabric and staple it underneath the tabletop, where you stapled the fabric from the top. Then staple it underneath and at the corners of the coffee table.


If you want to add some nail head trim, go ahead and do so now! If not, you are finished! Take a step back and look at the fruit of all your hard work! Better yet, sit down and put your feet on it!

And my favorite part of this project? This awesome before and after!! Woohoo!

This was my first big upholstery project on my own and I was quite nervous! But I think it turned out wonderfully! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Drop me a line!