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DIY Stenciled Tea Towel

This post is sponsored by Plaid Crafts. All opinions are mine.

DIY Stenciled Tea Towel

I would never call myself artsy. Creative? Sure. Artsy? No way. If you give me a brush and tell me to paint something, you would get something that looks like a 2 year old made it. Wait, that isn’t kind to all the 2-year olds. When I’m looking to create something a little more detail-oriented (i.e. anything but a blob), I turn to stencils. Stencils are my BFF. So when Plaid contacted me asking if I wanted to try out Ed Roth’s Stencil1 stencils, I was totally game. AND, better yet, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them… create DIY stenciled tea towels!

DIY Stenciled Tea Towel

Not only did Plaid rock my socks by sending me these awesome stencils, but they also sent me a bunch of FolkArt multi-surface paints. Yeah. That’s right, peeps. Paint companies finally got smart and made a paint that is made to work on all surfaces: wood, ceramic, glass, fabric, skin. Okay. Not skin. But all of those other ones! AND they are even dishwasher safe! Awesome, amiright!?


  • Tea towels (Mine came in a 5 pack at Walmart)
  • Ed Roth’s Stencil1 bee/honeycomb stencils (available at Joann Fabric)
  • Multi-surface paint or fabric paint
  • Spouncer and/or paint brush
  • Cardboard or paper bag
  • Tape
  • Paint tray/paper plate

DIY Stenciled Tea Towel

Start by putting your tea towel on top of your piece of cardboard/paper bag. This will make sure the paint doesn’t bleed through and get all over the place. Place the stencil on the tea towel and tape it down. Using a spouncer/paint brush, begin stippling paint onto your stencil.

DIY Stenciled Tea Towel

When the stencil is filled in, carefully lift the tape and remove the stencil. Repeat these steps until you have as many bees as you want. Give them about 1 hour to dry.

DIY Stenciled Tea Towel

Okay. Now this is the part of these stencils that blew me away. There is a detail stencil that goes on top of the silhouette stencil!!!!! WHAA!? All you have to do is line up the overlapping detail stencil, tape it down, and then spounce/stipple away!

DIY Stenciled Tea Towel

Once you remove the detail stencil, you are left with this stenciled shape! For serious though. I wasn’t sure what I was going to think when I was creating this, but I freaking love it!! How cute are those bees!? Not scary at all! And that is saying something as an EpiPen-carrying-deathly-bee-allergy person! You can see that I wasn’t great at lining up the detail stencil (mostly because a certain puppy was very interested in what I was doing) but I kinda love the imperfection of it. I’m weird like that.

DIY Stenciled Tea Towel

I also played with the super cute hexagon stencil and created a multi-colored honeycomb towel. That was even easier to use than the bees since it was just a single stencil. Anywho, my review? These stencils and awesome. I love how on-trend they are and their ease of use. All in all, I say they rock!

DISCLOSURE: Thanks to Blueprint Social for and Plaid Crafts sponsoring this post. I’ve received payment, supplies or both for this post. All ideas, tutorials, photos, and opinions are 100% my own. Please see my full disclosure hereYou can learn more Stencil1 by (friendly) stalking Plaid online: Blog | Pinterest | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram


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12 thoughts on “DIY Stenciled Tea Towel

  1. I am so proud of you. You are gaining control of your dislike of bees/ bugs. Allowing them into your home space is a big step. I think these towels are so cute. I need to make some ladybug or caterpillar ones for my kitchen or even hand towels for the summer bathroom theme. Can’t wait to see where else you might allow bugs into your house.

  2. That’s REALLY cool. These would make excellent Christmas gifts if I could get my act together. I’m definitely going to keep these in mind. 🙂 Headed to the JoAnn’s website now to see what other fun stencils they might have!

  3. These are so pretty! I love the bees! So I can definitely see how these stencils could be your BFF, but I still can’t believe that I have been replaced by a stencil. I just might be able to forgive you if you make me one of these amazing towels though. LOVE!! 🙂
    Britni recently posted..Easter Gifts For BoysMy Profile

    • Alas, stencils are going to have to be my second BFF because nothing can surpass the lovely Britni. They shall be crushed, but my love for them shall linger still… I will most certainly make you one!! Pick your colors. 🙂

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  5. Very cute beach towel design I love the creativity thanks for sharing it I m going to save this and do it on my Turkish towel lets see what happens