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DIY Pinwheel Headbands

Hey all! Did you have a good 4th? We had a wonderful time with good friends grilling, eating homemade ice cream, and watching fireworks!

DIY Pinwheel Headbands

Anyways, I’m sharing my monthly creative team post over on I Heart Naptime today! You can come check out the tutorial for these absolutely adorable DIY Pinwheel Headbands.


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3 thoughts on “DIY Pinwheel Headbands

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  2. Hi Talitha. Nice to see you young things saving $ thru DIY. When I grew up (olden days) we recycled everything and my family were clever at fixing & creating, so of course that’s carried through the generations. I recycle jars (crochet covers & fill with rum balls or whatever), plastic containers (don’t ask) and anything that looks reusable. My family roll their eyes when I say “I could use that!” as they think I’m just hoarding. But we know better, don’t we? Love your headbands. They’ll make a nice quick project to give to the Homeless. I’m always making ”different” things for them as I figure they need the non-essentials to give them a little buzz. Cheers & keep on keepin on. 🙂