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DIY Mercury Glass Lamps {Part Two}

DIY Mercury Glass Lamps

Remember that pictorial I did not to long ago where I showed you how to disassemble a lamp? Here is the part where we turn those ugly, old lamps into these beauties!

I was inspired by these beautiful Pottery Barn mercury glass lamps.

Once you have disassembled your lamps it is time to turn them into beautiful, faux mercury glass! Here is my take on Martha’s faux mercury glass tutorial.


  • Glass lamp
  • Krylon Looking Glass Paint. It must be this specific paint. I found mine at Michael’s for about $6 with a coupon.
  • A spray bottle with water
  • Tape
  • Paper
  • A rag

Begin by taping off the openings of your lamp. You don’t need to tape the whole thing, just where the paint could get out and get on the outside of your lamp. I guess you could cover the entire outside if you are a crazy painter, but I liked being able to see that I was covering all surfaces.

You may be wondering why we are painting the inside. Well, according to the can of paint the mirror effect is shown on the opposite side that you paint. So you want to paint the inside, so the mirror is shown on the outside. When I was done painting the inside, I could see that the side I painted was not very reflective. No more than regular spray paint.

Turn your spray bottle of water to the fine mist setting and spray a fine mist all over the inside of your lamp. You want the beads of water to stick to the sides and not run. So don’t over-do it.

Spray the inside with your paint in short bursts, making sure to cover all sides. {Be warned, this paint smells bad. It is strong. So make sure to do this in a well ventilated area.} Wait about 5-10 minutes between coats. This is how mine started to look after about 2 coats.

After about 4-5 coats {depending on your preference} set your lamp aside, standing upright on an old drying rack, to air and dry for about 20 minutes. Once it has had some time to dry, take your rag and dab the inside of your lamp. All you are trying to do here is to remove the little water beads. DO NOT wipe as it can pull off some of the paint, just dab {why, no. I did not learn that the hard way! *coughsarcasmcough}.

The paint will have slightly dried over the beads, but not adhered to the glass, leaving a pretty, aged look. Dabbing the water spots will add the 2-tone mirror dimension to the lamp.

Remove your protective tape and admire that beautiful lamp base! This is how mine looked after I was done painting and dabbing.

You can really see the beautiful “aged” look that the water gave the lamp. 

I also did a quick 2 coats on the fixtures that would be showing. I also painted the rod that runs through the glass base since the paint isn’t 100% opaque. When the light is on you can see through it slightly… which I love!

As you can see, it doesn’t have the full mirror effect because I was spraying directly onto these surfaces. THIS is why we paint the inside of the lamp!

Now just go back to part 1 do it in reverse! Reassemble your lamp, slap a shade on it, and voila! I absolutely love the change from my old, skinny, college lamps to these beautiful faux mirror glass ones.

They really feel like something old I could have found in my grandmother’s attic!

Grand total for these 2 lamps?? $15!!

What do you guys think? Have you ever had such a dramatic thrift store transformation?

Missed {Part 1}?? Find it here!


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25 thoughts on “DIY Mercury Glass Lamps {Part Two}

  1. Talitha! This is absolutely stunning. I'm quite envious. But..this means that soon I can head out to goodwill and keep my eyes peeled for some glass lamps that need a makeover. THAT is something I can be excited about. 🙂 Well done, sista!

  2. Talitha! That is stunning! I'm quite envious. But, I guess this means I can head to Goodwill and look for some glass lamps that need a makeover! Tell me, would this same technique work on making a vase or centerpiece, or is it prone to scratching and then it wouldn't be a good idea?

    • It would work just as well! I've seen it done and intend to do it myself! It is a little prone to scratching so you would have to be careful with what you put into it. I definitely wouldn't put water in them. But you could put a small cup inside a vase and have fresh flowers that way!

  3. Found you on the Shabby Next link up. I LOVE mercury glass and never thought it was something that I could DIY. Definitely pinning your post on Pinterest! Thanks!!

  4. Came over from Sweet Sharing. I use this paint on bottles and windows all the time -never thought about using those old ginger jar display lamps. Great project!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  5. Came over from Not Just a Housewife's link party– what a great project! Definitely on my short list of things to try. Thanks!
    – Kyra

  6. Did you mist them first with water? I cant find that part in your directions. The turned out AWESOME. I bought some of this at a garage sale, now I can try it out.

  7. I'm a little unclear on the directions for this FABULOUS project. First, you say to tape the openings. Then how do you get the paint in?? Also, when painting, how do you make sure it gets into the crevices? Thanks!

    • Sorry for the confusion! I taped over the small, top opening and taped AROUND the large, bottom opening. I didn't want to get the outside of the lamp covered in the paint. As far as the crevices, I just angled the nozzle toward the sides and did bursts of paint on each side, turning the lamp when needed. I, too, was concerned that the paint wouldn't get into all the nooks and crannies but it reached all the areas with no trouble!

  8. HI Talitha, What a pretty musical name. We are transplants to CO also. Before here (moved here in 2004) we lived in KY 5yrs.; before that MT 7yrs.; before that San Diego, CO area,21yrs, before that Tucson, AZ 20yrs. (me anyway); before that I was born in Cleveland, OH, moved to Tucson when I was 10 yrs. old. My husband has been such a good sport about my gypsy itch, moving a few times in our 44 yrs. of marriage. Hope you like it in CO. We live about 20 miles west of Grand Junction in a rural area.
    Really liked your tutorial on mercury glass. I’ve yet to try it but have printed out a few tutorials, learned something different from each one. I have to be in right frame of mind to try a project like this so am waiting, (coward really). plus we only have our mud room to attempt this in for now, due to very cold weather and alot of snow outside. We use a cardboard box for a spray booth. Someday. Really liked your Valentine banner also. Been looking thru your crafting posts and liked what I see so am a new subscriber. Looking forward to visiting your blog regularly. Happy Weekend.

  9. Im going to give it a try but could you please tell me how to get to part one.
    I’m guessing it tells you how to take the lamp apart.
    I have my lamp apart and am standing here with a plug that does not fit through the opening.
    Please help.