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DIY Mercury Glass Lamps {Part One}

You!! Light up my life! You give me hope! To carry oooonnnn!!

DIY Mercury Glass Lamps

Yeah, that’s what I started singing as soon as I started writing this post. Now that song is stuck in my head. Thanks Debby Boone. {Don’t worry. I don’t really know random trivia like that. I had to look it up. But I do know one line of about 15 million songs and sing them at the appropriate moments!}

The hubby and I live in a little apartment with almost zero natural light. There are a total of 2 windows and a glass door. All on the same side of the building. Awesome. Not. In fact, when trying to take pictures for you lovely people, I have to do it with certain times of day in mind and open all the windows {2} and even the front door. Sad. I know.

Because of our lack of light, we have quite a few lamps. I hate our lamps on our bedside tables. they are skinny and left over from my college apartment. They were a cheap Ikea solution to no lighting and no money. I don’t like them. So I decided to make new ones!

I started with these, uh, beauties? No. Uglies. Let’s be honest here. They were ugly and didn’t smell so great despite being filled with mass amounts of potpourri. They were a Goodwill find. And an on sale Goodwill find! Woohoo! You will need to find glass lamps for this project. Most glass lamps will have a post through the middle. But no worries. You won’t be able to see it after we are done!

I knew I needed to disassemble these things ASAP to make sure they didn’t stink up the house. But despite searching online, I didn’t really find a way to deconstruct them. So I learned as I went and made you all a little picture tutorial… a pictorial, if you will.

So I present you with: How-to Disassemble a Lamp. {As always, BE SAFE! Make sure your lamps are not plugged in!}

See these little indents here? They gave me a heck of a lot of trouble with my first lamp and no trouble with the second one. If they are nice indents, you can just pull apart the socket. If not… use a screwdriver.

As step 10 says, I put a piece of duct tape on the wire that was attached to the silver screw. I don’t know if it really matters which wire goes where, but I would rather be safe than sorry!

And then all your pieces should be apart! This will make it much easier for spray painting and prettifying. And you have a pile of little pieces so be sure to put them all into a baggie so you don’t lose them. What? You don’t lose things? Must just be me. Sometimes, I swear, I would lose my brain if it wasn’t in my head.

** You can find part 2 over here!