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Curb Appeal Tips (Part 4) – Front Door… Again

We are talking curb appeal again today. Any guesses as to what we could be talking about today??

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 4) - Front Door

SHEBAM!! Oh yeah! Notice a difference? A little big change that happened this past week?? Well, I think it is a big change. Here. I’ll help you out. Let’s look at what our home looked like when we left off last week…

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 3) - Shutters

See it now? I’ll give you a hint… read the title of this post again. I painted the front door! Yes again. I know you may think I am crazy but I am seriously in love with our new blue front door! I LOVE IT! It is amazing.

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 4) - Front Door

Before you get started, I know I said I always wanted a red front door. And, well, I had one for a whole year. But, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out a color for the shutters to go with the red door. Eventually, I decided on navy shutters, but that left the house feeling a little too red, white, and blue for me. I love to sing “God Bless America” but I don’t need my house to sing it too. So after noticing my affinity for blue front doors on Pinterest, I jumped in with 2 feet and painted the door blue!

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 4) - Front Door

I gathered a bunch of swatches and taped them all to the front door.

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 4) - Front Door

I kept trying to compare the paint swatches to the navy shutters so they would coordinate.

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 4) - Front Door

Eventually, after looking at the swatches in all different lights, we narrowed it down to 4 colors. I got samples of each and painted them on the door. (Top left: Glidden True Turquoise. Top right: Glidden Tropical Lagoon. Bottom right: Behr River’s Edge. Bottom left: Behr Refreshing Pool.)

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 4) - Front Door

We ended up deciding that Behr’s Refreshing Pool was just what I was looking for. So I picked up a quart and painted the door! I used my same door painting method that I shared here.

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 4) - Front Door

And, of course, I used some scrap fabric to make a new cover for my little pillow so it would coordinate. To some the change in color may seem like a minor change, but to me, it makes my home seem so much more happy! That bright pop of blue is so unique and so welcoming. I absolutely love it!

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 4) - Front Door

My front porch already seems so much lighter with the change in door color. Painting your door can be a very quick and very simple way to make a big difference in your curb appeal. It can take your home from ho-hum to warm and inviting. And don’t be afraid to step outside of your color comfort zone! Go with something that makes you happy, even if it seems a little out there. I am so happy that I did!

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What color is your front door?


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