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Curb Appeal Tips (Part 1) – A New Roof, Fence & Siding

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I’m on a curb appeal kick. And it is totally unintentional. I mean, yes. Our house is in some desperate need of curb appeal. The above is how it looked when we first bought it. Imagine years of ignoring the state of your yard. That is what our yard looked like. It was bad.

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 1) - A New Roof, Fence, & Siding

Then, after discovering some serious issues with the trees, we had 17 removed. And 7 overgrown bushes. Yeah. Seventeen trees in that tiny front yard. Crazy town. We left 3 of the healthy trees and they are flourishing with all their newfound sunlight. And this is how you all last saw the front of our house. Trees removed, gutters full of leaves, and random black spot on the driveway. (What the heck is that!? I didn’t even notice it until I looked at this picture!) I didn’t even give curb appeal another thought. I was all caught up working on the inside of the house.

And then, on Valentine’s Day evening, the wind came. About 10pm that night the winds started to pick up. And they didn’t stop until the next morning. Gusts reached 110 mph. Tornado force winds. For about 9 hours straight.

Multiple choice question time! That night included:

  1. Waking at 2am to the sound of something repeatedly smashing against the living room window
  2. The hubs climbing up on a ladder in 110mph winds trying to pull our satellite dish down so it would STOP smashing into the window (it had blown off the roof)
  3. The fire department showing up at 2:30am to help us after the swinging and smashing satellite dish started SPARKING
  4. Watching a tree bend 45 degrees towards our roof with each gust of wind (and then watching 1/2 of said tree’s roots snap and pop out of the ground)
  5. Chasing trash cans down the street at 4am.
  6. All of the above.

The answer is all of the above. Talk about terrifying. And sleepless.

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 1) - A New Roof, Fence, & Siding

The next morning we went out to survey the damage. One side of our fence was cracked…

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 1) - A New Roof, Fence, & Siding

And all wiggly. Not good but not terrible. The window the satellite dish smashed into was fine but all the siding around it was smashed up and cracked. Our home insurance company was called.

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 1) - A New Roof, Fence, & Siding

Two days later, the winds came back again… with a vengence. Another night of 110mph winds and we woke to find this lovely sight. Our once wiggly fence was now more of a ramp for the neighbor’s 4 dogs and less of a partition. Thank you aspen tree for causing that one. It didn’t even bother to yell “timber” as it fell. Lazy tree.

There were also shingles all over the yard. Woo. No fence. Holes in my siding. And parts of my roof missing. Score. It was an awesome few days. *coughsarcasmcough*

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 1) - A New Roof, Fence, & Siding

Needless to say, all of this damage lead to 2 trees being removed, a new fence…

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 1) - A New Roof, Fence, & Siding

And a new roof. Oh yeah, and new pieces of fascia. Some of those were missing too. Thank you Mr. Crazy Wind Storms. The smashed siding pieces also got replaced. It was a busy month and a half.

All of those exterior improvements put me in the curb appeal mindset. So I’ve been running with it. And because I’m running with it, I’m going to start up a DIY curb appeal tip series here on the good ole’ blog.

Tip #1: if mother nature decides to just about rip your home to pieces and your insurance company gives you the moola to fix it… get a new roof, fence and siding. (I promise that future tips will be more realistic. And budget friendly.)

Curb Appeal Tips (Part 1) - A New Roof, Fence, & Siding

But boy does a new roof help improve curb appeal! This is how our new roof is looking these days in all of its pewter gray glory! So much better than the dusty brown it was before. I’m loving it. And as you can see, we have already made quite a few other changes that I’ll be sharing more details of in the coming days. Yay for our home slowing being downgraded from the “haunted house“!

Have you been working on any curb appeal updates on your home??


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9 thoughts on “Curb Appeal Tips (Part 1) – A New Roof, Fence & Siding

  1. I LOVE the blue shutters! They really pop! Can’t wait to see all the updates… as long as it does NOT include any unflattering blue shorts pictures of me! LOL

  2. We’ll soon be doing the same thing! I’d love to be able to post about how we were crafty, did the project ourselves, or saved a bunch of dough, but I highly doubt that will happen. Your house looks great and I love the blue shutters too!
    April recently posted..My Number One Road Trip Must HaveMy Profile

    • You know… I wish I knew! I never even noticed the black spot before but apparently it is now gone! So strange! I’ll blame it on the snow washing it off. 😉

  3. I agree that you should consider using insurance money to build a new fence. I think that fences are great for helping to protect your home against burglars. As you say, though, they are also good for making your house look more appealing.

  4. I agree that new roof,siding, fence really helps the curb appeal of a home. Thanks for sharing your before and after renovation project! Your house looks so good! We don’t necessarily have holes in our siding but we would really like to update it regardless.

  5. Wow, great post! The curb appeal improvements look fantastic. Another great way to help improve curb appeal dramatically is getting a new garage door. Thanks for sharing!