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Chevron Painted Rug

I would never call myself an “outdoors-y” person. I’m not one you will find skiing the slopes, rock climbing, or white-water rafting. It’s not because I wouldn’t like to do those things, but because I’m incredibly clumsy.

I don’t just mean stubbing my toe or the occasional scratch. No. I’m pretty dangerous. Doors jump out at me, stairs shift causing me sprain my ankles… 12 times, and furniture bites me. I have also broken my thumb getting a drink out of a water fountain, found soft spots in wood decks that causes me to fall through, and accidentally cut off the tip of my father’s finger with a table saw. Yeah. It’s bad. It is also part of the reason that I became a nurse!

Chevron Painted Rug

Though I’m not allowed {by the hubby} to be as outdoors-y as I would like, I do love a walk in the park, sipping iced tea by the pool, swimming, even an occasional hike. I was absolutely thrilled when we moved and our little place had a pretty good sized balcony {with an amazing view of the mountains, none-the-less}.

Our balcony is pretty sparse, furniture wise. We sure-as-heck didn’t want to haul big stuff up to the third floor! But, since we do spend a good amount of time out there we got some cheap-o folding chairs and a big outdoor rug. Everything was boring and brown. No color.

Chevron Painted Rug

I decided to spruce up that boring old rug, in hopes that it would bring a pop of color and bit of fun to our balcony.

I started by taping out my pattern. I wanted an chevron pattern.

Then, I started painting the rug! I diluted the paint with some water using a 4:1 ratio. Using a sponge brush I dabbed the paint onto the rug. Since it was a medium pile, it absorbed a good amount of paint. Dabbing was the only way to get really good coverage.

Chevron Painted Rug

Chevron Painted Rug

I think it makes such a difference! Such a fun pop of color and it makes me want to spend even more time out on our little balcony!

Have you ever painted a rug?