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Chickadee Glass Giveaway!

Chickadee Glass Giveaway

I’ve got an awesome giveaway for all of you today! You may or may not know that I have a love for all home accessories. My hubby knows that if we go to Target then I’m going to make a point of going to the home section and ooooh and ahhh at everything, picking out all the things I would get if I had all the money in the world. And I really love anything that is one of a kind or unique. So when Kathy, of the fabulous Chickadee Glass (formerly Stained Glass Artistry), contacted me wanting to sponsor a giveaway, I was all about it!

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Italian Baked Fries

The little things are everything.

Italian Baked Fries

When I was contacted by Olivari Olive Oil to join their campaign for the “Year of the Little” I was very excited. I often find it hard to make time in all the busy-ness to to enjoy the little things in life. And I’m sure I am not alone. Too often I spend my days behind one screen or another, forgetting to notice the little things.

Olivari is taking this year to remind people to make time for the little things in life. You can find out more about their “Year of Little” campaign on the Olivari Facebook page. They are sharing some awesome recipes and some cute videos. They even give great “little” tips. I really liked this one:

How To Make Different Types of Coffee

So I wanted to take a minute and remember the little things in life that bring a smile to my face these days. Ready??

Summer rain showers. Flowers blooming. Neighbor kids giggling. Falling asleep to the sound of the rain. Cheese (what!? I like cheese!). The smell of coffee. The sound of the garage door opening, signaling that my hubby is home. Silly ringtones. The summer of shakes. A great book. And homemade italian baked fries. 

Yes. Homemade Italian Baked Fries. That is what my house smells like right now. And holy wow. It is an amazing smell. That is my current “little thing” that I am appreciating. And since I am so kind… I wanted to share my recipe with you.

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Breaded Ranch Chicken with Hidden Valley

Breaded Ranch Chicken

I am a huge fan of all things Ranch flavored. I love ranch as a dip and ranch as a dressing. We always have a spare bottle of ranch in the pantry and I even have a spice tin devoted specially to dry ranch mix. So when Hidden Valley® asked if I would be interested in remixing one of my classic recipes with one of their Ranch products, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. My immediate thought was to remix a classic breaded chicken and turn it into an amazing Breaded Ranch Chicken!

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