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Happy New Year! Free Printable {Guest Post}

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas yesterday! Did you get everything you wanted from Santa!?

Today I want to introduce you to my bloggy bestie, Britni, from Hubby Made Me. She shares amazing crafts and DIY projects on her blog as well as the occasional recipe. Britni is amazing and wonderful and so incredibly funny! And I can barely go a day without talking to her… literally. We constantly text. She is one of my favorite people in this world! I can’t wait for you all to see the awesomeness that is Britni!

Hi there! I’m Britni and I blog over at Hubby Made Me, the place where I give hubby a break from my creative endeavors by sharing ideas with you! You can always find me
working on a craft or DIY project, or at least thinking about one. I also love creating free printables, just like the one I’m sharing with you today!

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Churro Popcorn {Guest Post}

Merry Christmas Eve to all of you! I hope you have a fantastic day celebrating to your family!

While I’m still away in Chicago spending the holidays with family, I have another amazing blogger sharing today on LPH. Her name is Alicia from Last Night’s Dinner. Alicia and I met through a few other bloggy friends and, boy, am I ever glad we met! Not only does she have wonderful recipes, mad photography skills, but she is so incredibly sweet and kind! And I love bloggy stalking her! Alicia has a mouth-watering recipe to share with all of you today. Take it away, Alicia!

I’m so glad Talitha invited me to post today! My name is Alicia and I blog at Last Night’s Dinner. I’m an RN, an avid reader, a wannabe photographer, and I love to cook and bake. My husband and I have been married almost ten years, and have two little girls, ages five and one. My five year old is as picky as they come, and my toddler eats anything and everything. I love to try new recipes, and often just make things up as I go!

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White Chocolate, Cranberry, Macadamia Nut Cookies {Guest Post}

Hello my lovely readers! I’m seriously missing you all while I’m hanging with the fam in Chicago! Our trip out here was pretty uneventful. Enough about me! Onto a wonderful treat for all of you! I’d like to introduce you to my dear bloggy friend, Jenn! She is wonderful and sweet and pretty new to the bloggy world! She writes about all kinds of adorable crafts, yummy recipes, and even keeps me on my toes and teaches me about the latest fashion trends! So welcome her with open arms! 

Hi LPHers! I’m Jenn from over at With Luck and I’m so excited to be hanging out today in Talitha’s corner of the web. I started blogging late this summer and tend to focus mostly on little DIY projects, baking recipes and style posts. Two of my best friends also recently jumped onto the WL team and they’ve been posting a lot of great beauty tips and yummy dinner recipes. I’ve been having tons of fun making tons of holiday themed items for my blog, but lucky for you-I saved one of my favorite recipes for today…White Chocolate, Cranberry, and Macadamia Nut Cookies! Seriously. It’s like Christmas in a cookie.

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Christmas Wreaths {Guest Post}

Hello everyone! Like I said on Monday, the hubby and I are traveling to Chicago for the holidays to spend time with our family. I’ve set up several guest posts by some of my favorite bloggers to keep you company while I’m gone! Don’t worry… I’ll still be checking in from time to time. 😉 I’d like to get the guest posts rolling today with one of my favorite bloggers, Sarah from High Heels & Grills! She is amazing so welcome her warmly!

Hello Love, Pomegranate House fans!! I’m so happy to be here today, guest posting on one of my very favorite blogs! Talitha and I have been blog friends since my blog was just a little baby {which, in all reality it still is a baby}, but my point is, that I absolutely love this girl and her corner of land on the world wide web. Isn’t she just adorable?? Yes. Yes, she is.

Anyway, I’m Sarah and I blog with my husband, Zachary over at High Heels and Grills. I’m the main contributor to the blog, but Zachary likes to pop in every week for a little Man Monday action, where he shares recipes that are tried and true, man-approved. {Trust me ladies, you’ll want to get in on that.} We share everything from family recipes to tested Pinterest concoctions and we give our very favorite ones to all of you! It’s kind of like skipping the middle man in recipe world. You’re welcome.

With it being Christmas and such, it gets to the point that you start rounding up a list of names to take holiday gifts to. Call me lame {or just a fatty}, but I always loved the holidays gifts that were a big whopping plate of food. Junk food to be exact. Cookies, fudge, caramels – you name it. So, as I was putting together my neighborhood goodie bags last week, I came across this recipe for Christmas Wreaths and thought it would be the perfect treat to go in them! Not only are they cute and festive, but they actually taste really good.

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Beautiful & Simple Gift Wrap Ideas

This weekend has been a great time of reflection. The tragedy in Connecticut has reminded me once again just how fragile and valuable life is. I pray for all of those affected by this tremendous loss… for the first responders who risked their lives to try to save lives, for the families of the victims who are dealing with unspeakable loss, for the survivors and their families dealing with what they have lived through, and for the community that is dealing with the tragic violence that occurred. I will keep praying for them and for their healing and that God will show His hand in this awful situation.

This tragedy reminds me to hold those I love a little closer for a little longer. The hubby and I are leaving on Wednesday to spend some time with family in Chicago for the holidays. It’s at times like these that make me long even more to be with my loved ones. {Don’t worry! I have some awesome bloggy friends who will be guest posting on LPH while I’m gone!}

I’m busy packing today but I wanted to share with all of you a few beautiful and simple gift wrap ideas this holiday season. I was going for simplicity this year so I was focusing on added embellishments I had around the house!

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