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Better Homes & Gardens Came Calling… VOTE FOR ME!

I’m not what some would call a lucky person. In fact, on occasion, people have told me that I am very un-lucky. I’ve never won a giveaway, been given a free Chipotle burrito, or won the lottery. I was that kid in school that always got chosen to present my project/give my speech on the first day. So when an editor from Better Homes and Gardens emailed me to tell me that they had chosen one of my DIYs as one of their “16 favorite blogger makeover projects” I just about peed my pants. Wanna know which project they loved?

Dresser Turned Media Stand

Remember my Dresser Turned Media Stand? It remains, to this day, one of my all time favorite projects I have ever done. And apparently it is one of BHG’s favorites too! Anywho, in the spirit of March Madness, Better Homes and Gardens is running a Makeover Madness Tournament which pits DIY projects from across the web against each other. And I am crazy humbled to be going against some of my all-time favorite bloggers!

Today my dresser turned media stand is up for voting! And since all of you are my besties, I’m asking you to pretty pretty please, with a cherry and sprinkles on top go and vote for my project!

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Bentwood Rocking Chair Makeover

Bentwood Rocking Chair Makeover

I’ve done it! I’ve finally done it! It has been 2.5 months in the making but I finally did it! My vintage bentwood rocking chair has gotten a makeover. It took me forever but I finally got around to it. Is it just me or is your to-do list getting longer by the minute!? Make it stop! Let me do a little catch up! Continue reading


HELP! Rocking Chair Makeover Poll

You know when you find an amazing piece of furniture and you do a happy dance and you can imagine all the wonderful things you could do with it? And then you get it home and you are at a complete loss as to which way to go with your little furniture makeover?

Bentwood Chair Makeover

That is my current predicament.

On Monday I shared an update on our living room and I showed you my most recent thrifty find… an amazingly beautiful bentwood rocking chair. I’m seriously in love with it. But not as it currently is.

Bentwood Chair Before

Isn’t she beautiful?? Those curvy legs? That exposed wood. Yowza! If I didn’t take her home that first night I would have asked for her phone number. She is in fantastic condition and I got her for a steal at $15. Buuuttt I’m not the biggest fan of the fabric. Sure, vintage fabric can be wonderful but this fabric just wasn’t my style.

After seeing this, I was dreaming of painting my beauty. But there are so many options! Do I go bold and bright? Just change out the fabric? Embrace the wood? AHHHH! SO MANY OPTIONS! So I’m turning to my trusty sidekick photoshop and to all of you! I’ve whipped up some possible makeover options for you to peruse and tell me which one you like best! So let’s get this party started!

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Living Room Updates

Apparently it is home update week. Last week I updated you on our front yard tree removal and today I’m going to update you on our living room. I haven’t really kept you up to date on these little changes because it was all so little and I never felt like it warranted a post. But now, there have been enough updates I can smoosh them all together and give you a grand update! So check out the picture below to see those updates!

Living Room Updates

Note the 4 burnt orange arrows. Those arrows help indicate the four changes to this space… in case you didn’t already figure that out. The rug, basket, stool, and lamp are all new.

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How-To Make a Flip Down Media Drawer

How-to Make a Flip Down Media Drawer

You all waited so patiently! I was a big tease and showed you my fancy new Dresser Turned Media Stand and then I promised I would show you how I made my fancy flip down drawer. And now I’m back to deliver on the promise! I really hope this all makes sense because I just made it up as I went along. So because of that I took 15 million pictures, hoping it would help make it all clear. So let’s get started! Here is How-To Make a Flip Down Media Drawer!

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